Roasted Blood Oranges, Feta and Hazelnuts Salad

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Hello, World!

I have just figured out a new sign.

The formula is simple: once you feel the end of the blood oranges season, you are getting more and more panicky. It is such a peculiar feeling I cannot even properly describe. It is not about being panic indeed. It is more about being anxious because you have not worked with blood oranges that often yet. In other words, you are not sick and tired of using them yet, but they are about to disappear. It’s a very disappointing fact, isn’t it?

However, the irony of this situation is that I am out of any awesome ideas. It’s just outrageous. Last weekend having our grocery shopping I grabbed some gorgeous oranges not having a particular idea of incorporating them. Just for any case. Perhaps, I should repeat a beautiful salad of red cabbage and blood oranges we had last week but the pictures seem to have gone pathetic.

Or perhaps I should make again a salad with roasted sweet potatoes and blood oranges since the pictures turned out mediocre too (and because it was such a scrumptious salad).

Anyways, I am kind of hoping to find out the best way for them. By the way, if you have great ideas or even better recipes being posted on your blogs, please feel free sharing them with me. That will be so much appreciated!


In the meanwhile, I am posting today this lovely idea. I made this salad last month when we still had lots of the snow which you can see on the background :) As I have mentioned recently, I love this technique of roasting citruses – it works fabulously in salads!

Being rather a simple salad, roasting blood oranges makes it more sophisticated. Tangy, tart, sweet, a bit crispy but at the same time succulent oranges are definitely the hit. Plus, they’ve got such a color, such a color!

And you know what? I have just made my decision. If I don’t find another lovely idea for my blood oranges, I am going to make this salad again!

I wish you join me too.

And don’t forget to show to me your ideas! :)

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