Roasted Beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto

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Creamy, dreamy, and delicious, this Roasted Beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto might be a good way to celebrate Valentine’s day!

Inappropriate Behavior

But first I’ve got to confess. And it’s not about how fabulous this Roasted Beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto turned out. And it’s not about that I might (Or might not) have had more than one serving on the day I made it.

A few weeks ago, I was on a bus on my way home. There was a nice lady sitting in front of me. At some point, she pulled a notebook and pen from her purse and started writing something.

And I did one gruesome thing. I glanced in that notebook. Nope, I wasn’t scrutinizing it. I just glanced a few times. Like 10. Or 20. But not more than 25.

I know, I know. Rude. Inappropriate. And so on. But there’s my excuse. First of all, this old-fashioned way of recording the thoughts captured my attention. Indeed, I used a couple of times a piece of paper to write down some ideas for the blog posts (I was inspired and was afraid to forget them). But most of the time I use memo notes in my phone (Well, right now I’m writing this text being in the subway). But paper…

Secondly, she looked so inspired that it was hard to resist. I though she might be a poet or a food blogger at least.

Besides, if you had seen what kind of notes she was taking, you wouldn’t have been able to resist either.

She was planning Valentine’s day menu!

I told you. Being a food blogger, you would totally get my inappropriate behavior.

The first thing on that list were heart-shaped sandwiches. Well, a little too heavy for a romantic dinner, but it’s acceptable for a lunch.

Next. Heart-shaped greek salad. Doesn’t sound bad; however, Valentine’s salad could be a little lighter and fancier (And without onion). But it’s fine.

Next. Heart-shaped fruit. At this point, I started to be concerned because:
a) How much food do you need for one Valentine’s dinner?
b) I imagined that nice lady carving hearts out of strawberries, and I immediately felt bad for her and especially for the strawberries.
c) The bus was approaching my bus stop while that lady seemed to continue.

It was sad. It was really sad not get to know the complete menu. What was it? Heart-shaped pancakes? Soup in a heart-shaped bowl?

Indeed, I’m not making fun of that nice lady. Whatever you’re going to make for your beloved people (Or for yourself) or whatever your cooking skills are, that doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is to enjoy the process. And of course, the food doesn’t necessarily have to be in a heart-shaped form (Although some things would be cute. Like pancakes).

Roasted Beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto

But the food you’re making might be a little fancier. Like these Lavender Rose Marshmallows. This Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet. Or this delightful salad.

Or even this Roasted Beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto! I think it’s pretty festive and romantic. You may doubt using the garlic in this recipe, but the risotto doesn’t have any strong but subtle garlic flavor. You can completely omit the garlic, though.

Along with the goat cheese, I also incorporated some cream cheese to make it even more velvety and rich. And I’m thinking it would be nice to use some red wine instead of white one. Well, too late Ben!

Thus, friends, I’m asking for your help. Make this Roasted Beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto with red wine and let me know the results. Deal?

13 thoughts on “Roasted Beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto

  1. Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen says:

    This creamy, dreamy, beetroot Goat Cheese Risotto indeed is perfect to celebrate Valentine’s day! I am glad that you used garlic here because I LOVE garlic in anything. ;) And such a lovely presentation of this pretty, vibrant and delicious risotto, Ben. Love the contrast of blues and reds here. And OMG, those blue plates??? Can I please borrow them? They are so beautiful. :)
    Anu – My Ginger Garlic Kitchen recently posted…DIY Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas | VIDEO TutorialMy Profile

  2. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    LOL!! Your like a paper peeping Tom! ;) Tisk tisk on being nosy! Lol. I kid. I’ve totally done the same thing, and I’m willing to be EVERYONE has if they are being honest. If I saw the lady was planning a menu I definitely would have glanced several times… and then probably struck up a conversation with her! Anyways, I’m a huge fan of risotto and this one is just beautiful, Ben! The color is everything! Just perfect for valentines day! Cheers!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Citrus & Honey Roasted SalmonMy Profile

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    Hah! You know, writing things on paper really is a thing of the past. I keep all my notes on my computer now. Or I email notes to myself from my phone if I’m not at my computer. The only thing I write on paper is my shopping list each week…and I could do that on my phone, but I don’t want to have to have my phone out all over the store. Love that your bus friend was making her Valentine’s Day menu! But a heart-shaped Greek salad? How does that actually work? This risotto sounds amazing for V-Day, Ben! I love the color, and risotto is totally underappreciated. Laura would be all about this one as she loves beets. Thanks for sharing this one, and I hope you have a great weekend!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Mandarin Beet Salad with Poppyseed DressingMy Profile

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