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Even though my blog has been running just for two months, you have probably noticed that most of the meals being posted here are salads, pasta, and some desserts such as donuts and marshmallows. Indeed, I prefer not to count any desserts since they are not the real food. The solid argument, right?:) And I do believe in a few mounts or so you will find some dips, chilled soups, appetizers, lemonades, and ice cream – sorbets (remember – we’re not counting any donuts, pancakes, and marshmallows!) That will be pretty much the food you’re going to see for a long time.

Rhubarb Sauce Stewed Pork (8)Unfortunately, you may not see a lot of recipes for meat, poultry and fish dishes.

Firstly, while we have fish and poultry quite regularly, we almost don’t eat red meat at home. Secondly, I’m not that good at cooking meat and fish (chicken for a salad doesn’t count) while Andrew is an adept at doing that. Thus, since I generally usurped the kitchen, I give it up to him to cook some meat or fish. This is I call the compromise. Lastly, and this is totally embarrassing, there are some things, and fish and meat are among them, I can’t handle and take decent photographs. Every time I take pictures, the food turn flat, unappealing, and so on. Perhaps, we just have to eat meat more often, to practise:)

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But there are always the exceptions. Believe it or not, but I made some pork recently. Moreover, not only did it turn great, but also I’m satisfied with the taken pictures.

Indeed, I got acquainted with this recipe in 2012 when I was in love with James Oliver’s recipes and was having a rhubarb marathon. Pork roasted in rhubarb sauce sounded amazing to me, and it turned so. It was so good that soon after that I roasted chicken using the same sauce.

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I kind of forgot about that recipe, but some time ago, while commenting on a Cheyanne’s blog post, all of a sudden it came to my mind. A few days later this idea was discussed and approved. And here we go – I’m so pumped to share it with you! This is my first (and may be even the last one haha!) meat post on the blog! By the way, it’s a rare occasion when I publish the recipe few days after having it (usually it takes few weeks/months).

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Oliver mentiones the perfect contrast of the textures and flavors, and I agree with him. Pork submerged and stewed in the sauce, are tender and succulent but at the same time crispy due to being fried. About frying. 3 years ago I skipped that step, and that was such a mistake – it’s a crutial one! As for the sauce, is tart, tangy, and sweet that it’s even difficult to distinguish between the ingredients – they’re beautifully blended.

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Jamie recommends serving this pork with noodles. We opted for some roasted potatoes. That’s not the healthiest companion, but honestly neither are the noodles. So choose whatever you love and enjoy! To wrap this nutritious question up, don’t take pork with almost no fat. While pork with some fat turns out in melt-in-you-mouth pieces, lean one could be a bit dry.

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The only one issue I’ve got here is the amount of potatoes. While the yield of meat is enough for two adult (and quite voracious) people (or for 3 moderately voracious), the amount of the potatoes are enough for 4-6 folks, depending on their appetite, so just adjust that if necessary.

That’s not a big deal though. The issue is you can easily start a fight for an addition spoon of these gorgeous meat:)


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10 thoughts on “Rhubarb Sauce Stewed Pork

  1. KevinIsCooking says:

    This looks rather scrumptious Ben! I am a BIG fan of rhubarb and pork is probably my choice for meat. A perfect win, win here. Great job on the”meat” photos, they came out wonderful and this recipe is a keeper. :)

  2. cheyholzworth says:

    Love this, Ben. The rhubarb sauce sounds amazing and I simply can’t wait to try it! I adore that you chose to pair this stewed pork with potatoes instead of noodles, I bet they taste delish together! Your photography of this dish is drool-worthy and really good. Therefore I must insist this not be your first and last posting of a meat based dish. You owe it to all of us readers to continue providing the hunk a hunk of meaty love, gosh darn it. :) Cheers, my friend!

  3. spicedblog says:

    What a creative way to use rhubarb! I keep meaning to plant some in our backyard, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Guess I’ll need to hit up the grocery store to make this awesome recipe now! :-)

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