Raspberry Rose Eton Mess

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This Raspberry Rose Eton Mess with a subtle botanical flavour, topped with fresh berries and pistachios, is a luscious twist on a traditional English recipe.

Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing great, but if I needed to cheer you up, well, this Raspberry Rose Eton Mess would make any day just so much better!

A couple of weeks back (or more like almost a month) Andrew and I celebrated our (wedding) anniversary. I always make something delicious for a celebration, like this Coffee Hazelnut Nutella Cheesecake or this Mascarpone Apricot Lavender Crepe Cake. I usually go with a cheesecake (Not all of them had an opportunity to get on the blog! Lol) as it’s Andrew’s favourite dessert (Of course, after ice cream), but this time I opted for something different and elegant.

Elegant? Eton Mess? Despite the name and the way to assemble it, it’s a very elegant dessert to me, perfect for a special occasion. Also, the addition of rose notes makes it even more elegant. By the way, aren’t you sick and tired of all my rose ideas and recipes yet? Patience, a little bit more of your patience my friends – I think I have only one unpublished recipe left. I’ve been truly having a rose kick (Sorry lavender) this summer!

Eton Mess is an amazing dessert that I love very much; that’s certainly my kind of dessert (Please check my blog’s name if you forgot lol.) But my point is that it’s a super-forgiving and no-fuss dessert. You don’t really need to worry about baking perfect meringues. Cracked? Flattened? You intended to make a Pavlova which turned deflated? No worries – make an Eton Mess! Also, who cares about piping the meringues onto a baking sheet? Just dump everything in one layer and bake – we are going to ruin it anyway. And no way anyone should attempt to evenly layer everything; keep this for more sophisticated stuff!

Let’s quickly talk about this Raspberry Rose Eton Mess recipe.

  • The combination of raspberries and roses is so glorious! I used homemade rose syrup, and I must note two things. 1. The rose flavour is very subtle. 2. Using the syrup isn’t the best idea as the meringues are extremely sweet! That’s not a BIG problem as raspberries and lime reduce the sweetness, but it was a little too much to our liking. The decision? Even simpler! When cooking the berries, add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of water and a few drops of rose water, and voila!
  • I used frozen raspberries as I don’t see the point to utilize fresh ones when they’re going to be smashed anyways. I mean decide accordingly and use the cheapest solution;
  • Usually, meringues are baked at low temperatures for over an hour, resulting in very crisp meringues; with a well-dried exterior and a dry-to slightly chewy interior. This recipe suggests baking the meringue at a very high temperature over a short period of time. This blasting method results in a crunchy and slightly browned top with a very soft, fluffy, chewy, marshmallow-like interior. If you prefer well-dried merengues, you can use a traditional method. Also, you can also buy some meringue nests in your grocery store;
  • Some fresh raspberries and chopped pistachios for a finish.

So refreshing, so luscious! I would say this is a simple yet elegant dessert with a sophisticated flavour twist that could be served for the Queen! I hope you like it.


7 thoughts on “Raspberry Rose Eton Mess

  1. Marissa says:

    Happy Anniversary to you two, Ben!! What a gorgeous dessert for celebrating. Somehow I have never made an Eton Mess, but clearly that needs to change!

  2. Neil says:

    Belated congratulations on yours and Andrew’s recent wedding anniversary Ben. I’m a big fan of Eton Mess. It’s usually served in my house round about the time Wimbledon is on the TV. Seeing as there was no Wimbledon this year because of you know what it’s great that you’ve reminded me of this recipe! Love your photos too. I take it that’s your garden?
    Neil recently posted…Vegetable Scrambled EggsMy Profile

  3. Leanne Combden says:

    I’ve never made an eton mess, but this raspberry rose version seems like a good place to start! And happy belated anniversary!

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    You know, I’ve never made an Eton Mess before. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever had one either. This sounds like an awesome anniversary dessert – we do the same thing to celebrate big occasions around here. Eton Mess sounds a bit like a trifle in that you have a lot of flexibility. The cake broke apart? Turn it into a trifle! However, in unrelated news, I think the Lavender Club might be planning on revoking your membership. :-)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Buffalo Chicken Pierogi BakeMy Profile

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