Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

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Prosciutto Arugula Pizza
What could be better than a hot, crispy and gooey homemade pizza on a lovely Saturday/Sunday day? I’ve said that about a bowl of pasta though. And polenta as well. Anyways, the weekends have been created for having something super cozy and comfort. Something, you should spend a bit more your time than usual. So, pizza is quite a good choice, isn’t it?

We have had pizza already twice in this month, and hopefully we’ll continue! It could be such a good tradition, right?

Even though Toronto has a lot of good places where you can order a delicious pizza, I’ll repeat – there is still nothing better than a homemade one. I’m able to say that only for the last couple of years, though.

Prosciutto Arugula Pizza (3)

Living in Russia, I would buy pizza dough in the supermarkets. Worse, I used to buy frozen pizza crusts. Remarkably, all my friends and co-workers adored my pizza and always anticipated it. I am just curious what would they say if they had had a chance to eat pizza I make these days? Worship?:)

Two years ago, being already in Canada, I got a book with the sophisticated name “Pizza”. I still remember that glorious day in May (it was my Birthday) when I gave a try the recipe for the dough from this book. Needless to mention, I screwed it up   it was such a success!

Since that I’ve been using only this recipe, and I’m highly satisfied with it. The only one thing I’m playing is its thickness. My husband makes me make a crust as thinner as possible and I don’t mind. Indeed, how could I reject this demand?:)

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I’ve got to mention only one thing. This recipe (both the dough and toppings) are given for 2 pizzas (approximately 10 inch each but sure that depends on a desired thickness), but I decreased the ingredients for the topping in order to make the different second one  because what could be better than two pizzas with the different toppings?

This time I paired the pizza with the smoked prosciutto, olives, and cheese and topped with the peppery arugula…Mmm it was such a scrumptious combo! Would you love to know what ingredients did I choose for the second pizza? Well just stay tuned – you are going to find out that!

What’s your favorite pizza, folks – inspired me?!

Prosciutto Arugula Pizza (2)



6 thoughts on “Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

  1. Cheyanne says:

    I had NO idea you ever lived in Russia! I love learning little tid bits of your life, like that! Anyways, on to the important stuff. Food! This pizza looks amazing. You are so right, there is no substitution for homemade. Experimenting with different crust doughs and manipulating the recipes until you find perfection Is the fun part :) Crappy homemade pizza is still better than the frozen kind! This pizza, and crust, looks delish, Ben. Love the toppings, love the sturdy crust. Love. Love. Love! Thanks for sharing. Now all I need is donuts for dessert. Lol. Cheers, bud!

    • havocinthekitchen says:

      You didn’t?!! Thus, you didn’t pass your test on the knowledge my biography, Read it carefully and come back later, for you second attempt:) Thank you very much for your opinion. Thanks for being honest too:) I’m so pleased!

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