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DSCN8610Being a cook and food blogger, there is never ever enough time. No, I am not talking about our time- and effort- consuming passion and attempts to squeeze it in our schedule. That’s obvious. Everyone has a family, friends, children, partners, spouses, pets, and garden at last (Please choose an option suitable for you. That can be a multiple choice. Thanks).

OMG. I’ve totally forgotten to mention our work and  studying. This could be quite a time-consuming thing to do, right?:)

Indeed, this passion is about the compromise – you will always try to squeeze in your schedule, occasionally ditching your family, friends, children, and partners (you know the whole list of these obstacles) in order to make a sophisticated dish, take 350 pictures of this dish, then spend a few hours sorting out the pictures and finally writing a blog post. In return, your folks will be allowed to eat some scrumptious (hopefully) food you’ve made. I think it’s quite a good deal, isn’t it?


This issue is more profound. Have you ever felt that way when you literally don’t have time to prepare all food you would love to? I bet you have!

And so have I. It has been for 5 or 6 years now – since my passion fully ignited.

Being quite experienced now I don’t really need searching for an idea unless it’s a particular recipe. I regularly take some notes aboutaccumulated ideas I would love to try. Needless to mention, I don’t actualize most of them since they eventually get replaced by new toughs. I’ve got some notes from last summer. Do you think there is any hope to implement few of them?:)


Bookmarks in my web browsers don’t work for me anymore. No, I am constantly adding some great recipes. But I am constantly deleting most of them too.

I’ve almost stopped buying books and magazines. I’ve got a nice library, but I have tried a few dozens recipes from them so far. It’s more about dreaming – you can cozily seat with a book and glass of wine cup of peppermint tea, dreaming of the time when you may try all these wanted recipes :)

Plus, all these social media such as Instagram and Pinterest are driving me crazy! Common, I cannot cook whatever I love. And if I were able to do that, that would be impossible to consume all this meals by two guys:)


However, I still believe that food blogging is not only about you, your food blog and your recipes. It’s about appreciation the work your colleagues have done! It’s about your being involved in their food world as well. That’s always great not only comment on a post with beautiful pictures but give a real feedback.

That’s why last December I decided to start a practice of cooking  by the recipes of my talented friends bloggers, at least occasionally. So, I chose four recipes, cooked and served them for our humble NY party.


The Pizza Snails were among those meals.

I had found them on the blog of two insanely gifted guys diejungskochenundbacken . I have always been impressed with most of their pictures on Instagram due to some magnificent ambiance. It was time to bake something sumptuous that time! Actually, I was looking for a particular recipe for some gorgeous cupcakes, but I ended up baking these amazing pizza snails. It was the only right decision, and the pizza snails  turned the winner. I did love them that much that I would repeat them a few weeks later, for a potluck.  They turned out to be the winner again :) If I need my skills and talent to be glorified next time, I will definitely make them again :)



The great thing about these buns is their diversity! You’ve got a lot of options, like with pizza. Personally, that first time I divided the dough into two parts. In the first part I used the recommended ingredients, and for the second I grabbed the black olives, ham, basil and pine nuts. Could you imagine that insanly delicious taste?

Shall I continue talking about this scrumptious, fluffy, savory, and cheesy snails?

I am not that eloquent to describe how beautiful they are through.

So I am going to stop.

And you are going to make these bad guys, aren’t you?


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