Peach Honey Thyme Sorbet

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This Peach Honey Thyme Sorbet is not only a delicate and delicious dessert, but it’s also a relatively healthy one as we only use the natural sweetness of peaches accentuated with honey.

Peach Honey Thyme Sorbet

This post was originally published in August 2015. I have taken and uploaded new photos, but I have not changed the post and the recipe. 

As you may remember, we’ve picked up some lovely local fruit this some.

But the last time we overdid ourselves.

That happened in the mid of July when we stopped by two farms in one day. If that still doesn’t sound impressive, let me remind you it was the outrageously sweltering day, something around 40 degrees C. How that sounds now? Are we the heroes in your eyes?

The farm is specialized in growing berries, basically red and black raspberries. However, the farm has some currents and gooseberries as well. They, gooseberries, were my main goal. Unfortunately, red currents had already gone, but the farm still had some lovely gooseberries, black currants and loads 0f raspberries.

I’ve never seen so many gorgeous succulent raspberries! As for back raspberries, I had seen them only a few times, in the grocery store. So, I made Andrew pick the gooseberries while I was taking some pictures suffering from the heat picking the other berries.

Since the first farm is located in the Niagra region, we decided to stop by another one specialized in growing stone fruit such as peaches, nectarines, yellow plums, and apricots.

Perhaps, the best part of that trip was the distance between the farms allowed us to chill out in the car:)

The second part of our didn’t take any longer. First of all, we were already exhausted because of that gruesome heat. Secondly, that’s not a big deal to fill three small baskets. And lastly, but that wasn’t a key reason at all, we had just 40 minutes before the farm got closed.

The nectarines weren’t ripe at all yet, and their official season anticipated only in August. So we grabbed some other beautiful fruit. I wasn’t going to use in cooking either the apricots or yellow plums. Indeed, I had great plans particularly on the peaches because a lot of the peaches being sold in the grocery stores are horrible. They’re mealy and dry. Just disgusting. Who loves mealy peaches, eh?

So, the first part of those peaches was incorporated in this Peach Raspberry Basil Pasta. Next day I used a few for the dessert, Peach Black Raspberry Dessert Soup. By the time I made this Peach Hamon Salad with Daiquiri Dressing, the peaches were just perfect, mellow and so sweet.

Don’t forget the gooseberries. I incorporated them in Gooseberry Mint Ice Cream. As for the black currents, we just ate them. Sorry about that, guys.

Talking about the sorbet, I didn’t have enough farm peaches so I mixed them with some bought.

Sure, I was thinking about a sophisticated flavor.

I was thinking. Then thinking a bit more. Then I was thinking over. And again.

I failed. I didn’t come up with any sophisticated idea.

As a result, I decided to make Peach Honey Thyme Sorbet. Peaches and honey are the awesome friends while lemon thyme is a good way to jazz it all up. Actually, I made the similar sorbet a few years back, and I loved it for being super smooth and for its delicate flavor.

The sorbet didn’t let me down this time too. It was luscious, sweet enough, and almost ambrosial.

It was just perfect for those sultry days. It would have been ideal right now since we’re experiencing another heat wave. But I didn’t make any peach sorbet that’s why we have to suffer eating some rum-cocktail inspired sorbet. Haha, did I make you jealous, guys?

What about you, folk? Have you ever added herbs in sorbet or ice cream and what’s your favorite combo? Have you had a lot of lovely peaches this summer yet? How do you deal with a hot weather?

24 thoughts on “Peach Honey Thyme Sorbet

  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    Trips to the farm are always so fun! Totally worth all the sweating if its hot as heck out! Love your peach sorbet, Ben! Honey and thyme paired with peaches? YUMMMMMM! I haven’t had breakfast yet, but i’m thinking this is a prettttttty dang good way to start the day! Besides, this sorbet has peaches— so i’m thinking perfectly acceptable for b-fast! Cheers, buddy! To a beautiful day!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Tequila Kiwi SmashMy Profile

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Mealy peaches are the worst! I love the photos of the fresh fruit on the vine. Now if only that was my backyard…haha. I tried making sorbet once. It turned out ok, but I think I need to give it another shot with this amazing flavor combo you’ve got here! But no lavender? I’m disappointed…
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Lemon Blueberry Almond BitesMy Profile

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