Panettone Christmas Pudding

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This rich and decadent Panettone Christmas Pudding with orange marmalade and dark chocolate is a perfect way to enjoy your lazy Christmas brunch.

Hello, everyone. I will keep it sweet and short this time again.

But first I do need to apologize. For what? For the appearance this bread pudding. I feel it needs my clarification. Those few black spots are not the burnt spots. That’s the melted dark chocolate! When I was arranging the chocolate pieces, I even didn’t realize the melted chocolate on top won’t look clean and neat. I almost wanted to trash the photos and the entire recipe…but then this pudding. Damn, it was too delicious not to share with you!

I cannot say I am a huge fan of bread pudding, but Jamie Oliver’s YouTube video recipe inspired me to give this one a try! Decadent sweet Italian bread (So good on its own!), rich creamy custard, orange marmalade and dark chocolate? Indeed, Jamie made a panettone bread pudding tart (easy-peasy too!), but I decided to simplify it even more. You can play with the variety of panettone (So many mouth-watering options!). I opted for a simple one with chocolate chips. However, dried fruit, nuts, or even a filling (Like curd) would make this recipe even better.

The Panettone Christmas Pudding turned out scrumptious: soft and puffy, moist, and tender, and so melt-in-your-mouth. The addition of orange marmalade and dark chocolate morsels gives those holiday vibes. I must embarrassingly admit one thing: since Andrey doesn’t like a bread pudding in general (He tried a small piece and approved it, though), I ate the entire thing all by myself. Do you think it lasted long at least? Nope. It disappeared less than in 24 hours. It’s so good as a dessert (With a cup of tea or milk), for your breakfast or brunch (with a cup of coffee). Who am I kidding? It’s so good just with a spoon, straight from the baking pan. I might or might not have eaten a spoon every time I passed the kitchen. Moreover, it’s possible I visited the kitchen more often that day. The stuff, you know.

No judgement here.

And now please make this Panettone Christmas Pudding, grab a spoon, and enjoy. You’ve deserved it!


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