Mushrooms, Sweet Peas and Bacon Pasta

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We love pasta.

I mean we DO love pasta.

I’ve just started my blog but if you came back in a month or about, you will find out that the prevalent tags here are “salads” and “pasta”.  Salads will always win though since we have a pasta meal only once a week-two but salads almost every day.

Perhaps, I will dedicate a long post to pasta since I’ve got some interesting stories related to it.

Today I would like just let you enjoy this lovely and satisfying dish. I don’t know why but both mushrooms and peas work absolutely perfect in this pasta. Perhaps, this is about the balance of an earthy and nutty taste of mushrooms and sugary flavor of peas. And don’t forget the smoky bacon.

It’s about the texture as well. It has a lovely creamy richness, even though any cream was added. Any cream was added, but I didn’t say anything about some butter. Okay, I am guilty. On the other hand, even doctors agree on a tablespoon of butter (occasionally) being an essential element in our diets.


I would still say this pasta is quite a healthy option (see the previous sentence). Plus, it’s packed with proteins (mushrooms and peas are quite a high source of proteins and so does pasta). Oh. I’ve totally (again!) forgotten about the bacon. How could it be a healthy option after that? I didn’t mention I used chicken bacon – it has  lesser fats and calories but is an excellent source of proteins and tastes awesome.

And it’s not overloaded with loads of the ingredients. I love this pasta for being so simple but so scrumptious.

You should try it too. Sprinkle it with some pine nuts and, if desired, Parmigiano and you will get a luxurious dinner.


3 thoughts on “Mushrooms, Sweet Peas and Bacon Pasta

  1. Daniel Shields says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! This is an amazing recipe! Kids will definitely enjoy this and it is so much healthier. This is another way for me to persuade them to eat the healthy type of foods!

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