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These Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars are the perfect dessert to celebrate Canada 150!

Well, have you got any questions at this point, my friends? Complaints? Concerns? Cognitive dissonance? I will even accept some rude remarks like “Have you lost your mind, Ben? Why the hell are you talking about peanut butter bars when the name of the recipe says Mojito Nanaimo Bars?”

Okay, okay, relax folks! I got it. Please be patient, and just at the end of this boring post, you’ll find the answer. Alternatively, you can skip it and directly head to the last bolded paragraphs.

Do you like Nanaimo bars, my friends? Indeed, I should ask something like “Have you tried these bars?” As the matter of fact, have you heard of them? If not, you should get to know them ASAP.

I got to know Nanaimo bars long time before coming to Canada. Well, that wasn’t that long. Around two years prior to coming.

When Andrey and I knew we would likely move to Canada, I immediately did a very important research on the Canadian cuisine.

However, Google didn’t provide me with many authentic recipes. I thought that might be a very secret piece of information which isn’t available until you get a Canadian passport (Or imagine a passport with a page assigned to the famous Canadian recipes).

Certainly, later on, already being here, I realized that there’s no such a thing as the Canadian cuisine. In fact, when it comes to Canadian food, it’s quite a unique thing. It’s basically an amazing blend of the all possible cuisines. Kind of melting pot. Thus, you will probably not find, let’s say, “Canadian bread”. But you might easily find Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Lithuanian bread. That’s rather a simplified example, but you got my point.

Still, Canada has a few distinctive things to try like poutine and Montreal smoked meat.
Have you tried beaver tails? It’s fried dough (like a huge flat donut) served with different spreads. Honestly, we tried once – nothing special but quite delicious if you’re very hungry.

And as you already know, there are Nanaimo bars. So, I tried my first bars still living in Russia. They looked bad and miserable while tasted decent. They weren’t authentic either because for a classic recipe you need custard powder.

Since that time I have made Nanaimo bars many times. We’ve tried cappuccino, mint, and orange flavors. There are a couple of ideas on havoc in the kitchen too like these Pumpkin Nanaimo Bars and these Irish Cream Nanaimo Bars.

If you’d like to try a classic flavor, these Nanaimo Bars are waiting for you.

But I’ve got to confess. That day when I made these Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars, I was making the second kind too. Cherry. It was supposed to be a summer version of this dessert. Unfortunately, I screwed it. The cherry filling turned out too runny. Thank you cherry puree, cherry Brandy, and Ben who sometimes cannot predict very simple technical things…

All right. As you just read, I didn’t get those cherry Nanaimo bars. “What happened to the peanut butter one?” you might ask.

I was planning to share those bars around Canada day (which would have totally made sense). As I’ve mentioned before, I often write posts while commuting. One day on my way to home I had a nice inspirational mood and wrote the text above.

The next day I was going to sort out and edit the pictures to publish the recipe. I opened the folder of the unpublished works – nothing. I opened every subfolder – nothing. I used the search option – no results. I checked the memory card which was a silly thing to do because I had shoot these bars a few weeks ago and definitely had downloaded the pics and emptied the card. I checked the bin – almost empty. I repeated all steps. And then again the next day hoping the folder would magically show up.

Mojito Nanaimo Bars

Oh boy! I have accidentally deleted the pics prior writing the post once or twice. Also, I regularly have a situation when I have good pictures but no clue what to write. There was quite an absurd situation. I had a nice recipe. I had inspiration. I had a decent post. I didn’t have the photographs. 

That’s the way these Mojito Nanaimo Bars appeared. I decided not to recreate but try a new idea. I’ve also decided to use the previously written post regarding the peanut butter Nanaimo bars. Just to remember and laugh at yourself :) And I’m telling you guys I’m not upset about that story. What’s the point of being upset when you got Mojito Nanaimo Bars?

These bars are truly a summer dessert. Indeed, what’s the drink that is associated with summer? For me, it’s a mojito. So imagine now. The coconut base, the refreshingly sweet and tart filling made of fresh mint, limes, and rum, and white chocolate on top? I opted for the white chocolate because I believe it introduces a summery look and taste. As about rum, there’s a good amount of it. However, you won’t much feel it. But it certainly gives a subtle spicy aftertaste. Besides, how cool is that to drink eat rum?

So please take a seat and drink eat some Mojito Nanaimo Bars.

Are you familiar with Nanaimo bars? Have you ever deleted unpublished pics?

14 thoughts on “Mojito Nanaimo Bars

  1. Evi @ greenevi says:

    Yes, I totally feel your pain, my friend. I learned a lot of my mistakes and I work with 3 hard drives at the moment, I don’t need lost files anymore :D
    BTW so interesting what you write about Canadian cuisine. To be honest I find that most national cuisines are not as special as most people think. I used to think there’s a thing like ‘Hungarian cuisine’, but I had to realise it’s definitely a mixture of all other Eastern European, Austrian, Turkish Russian and German dishes. But it’s probably just making things cooler :P
    Anyways, though I’ve never heard of Nanaimo bars, these look super amazing. You had me at Mojito!

  2. Kevin | Keviniscooking says:

    I can honestly say that has happened to me too and it makes my heart skip a beat when I think of it. Sorry to read that… and as of late video! It is a PAIN and I just sucked it up and re-did it. Grrrrr so frustrating but what can you do, right? And hence these wonderful mojito nanaimo bars came to be! Love the photos Ben, beautiful!
    Kevin | Keviniscooking recently posted…No Bake Blackberry Tarts with Cashew CreamMy Profile

  3. Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen says:

    I have heard about Nanaimo bars only from you when you earlier shared those pumpkin Nanaimo bars. hahaha, “I thought that might be a very secret piece of information which isn’t available until you get a Canadian passport (Or imagine a passport with a page assigned to the famous Canadian recipes)”. Really? :D You really have a great sense of humor, Ben. That deleting accident happened with me a couple of times and thanks to my laptop’s backup, I got them back. If I was you, I would have cried a lot. So glad that you shared this new version of these bars. These bars are delicious. I wish I could grab few of these right away.

  4. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I once deleted all the instructional pics for some cinnamon rolls I made. Fortunately, I was able to link to Jamie Oliver, whose pictures were better anyway :). But UGH it’s so frustrating when that happens! I love Nanaimo Bars and either a mojito version or a peanut butter version sounds quite divine. Have a great weekend, Ben!

  5. David @ Spiced says:

    Oh man, I can totally identify with your troubles here, Ben. Right after Robbie was born (like the week after), I went to turn on my computer and Microsoft had done an automatic update overnight. The computer was shot. Like done for. I tried everything…even uninstalling Windows. But still nothing. I had to end up buying a whole new computer. Add in the fact that I was beyond sleep deprived thanks to a baby in the house, and it was not pleasant. But it seems like you made the best of this situation! I am well aware of nanaimo bars, and they are amazing! I’ve gotta say that the mojito version confused me at first, but I am totally on board here! Hope you have a great weekend ahead filled with amazing bars! :-)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Porcini Rubbed Steak with Sauteed MushroomsMy Profile

  6. says:

    Ben, I read this post right up until the end, learning all about your deleted images situation and I’m sorry but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for you. I mean, good on you at getting right back up and recreating a new recipe from the original one, but myself I know I would have cried! I do have to agree though that Mojito is the best summer drink. And these do look like mighty tasty bars!! Have a great weekend, and cheers to you NOT deleting any more pictures!

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