Mint Irish Cream Ice Cream

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This Mint Irish Cream Ice Cream with subtle notes of espresso and hazelnut is a creamy and rich dessert which will please even a highly sophisticated palate.

Mint Irish Cream Ice Cream

Hello, my friends. Yes, this is finally happening. And nope, you’re not dreaming. You can now take my name out from your list of unreliable people. Because after just 2 or 3 weeks, I am solemnly presenting the ice cream. If I were a marketing person, I would have certainly added something like “The most anticipated recipe of this summer”.

I know what you are thinking. My answer is “No” – the weather is still too hot and humid. Indeed, after a little relief, we’ve been experiencing another heat wave since yesterday. So I decided to be strong. And by “being strong” I mean skipping the gym and sacrificing myself to sorting and editing the photos and posting the recipe. By “sacrificing” I might or might not have meant I was happy to find out a legit excuse to skip the gym. Because it’s legit, right?

So, I am so happy to present you this decadent Mint Irish Cream Ice Cream. But I need to explain one thing. It’s super rich, velvety, and smooth. The thing is that you can see a tiny layer of hoarfrost. That’s not the initial condition. I swear! When I removed the ice cream from the freezer, it was still perfectly smooth. When I arrange it in the bowl, it was still lovely. When I started taking photos, I realized the ice cream was turning this way very quickly. I am not a chemist, but I believe it must be related to the drastic contrast of temperatures. I can assure you though that this didn’t affect the taste and texture; it’s not icy at all – it’s more like fresh snow.

Now, few words about the flavor. Do I really need to say anything? Irish cream goes well with mint (Have you ever tried Mint Bailey’s?), and for this purpose, I opted for Aero bubbles chocolate bars. Any similar mint chocolate would be great too. From one part of the chocolate, I made a ganache, and I also incorporated some chopped chocolate for more interesting texture. Also, there are very subtle notes of hazelnut and espresso which did a great job as well.

Altogether, all these flavors in this Mint Irish Cream Ice Cream are well balanced and complement each other. That probably was the most sophisticated ice cream flavor I have tried this summer. Don’t you believe my words? Well, there’s only one option to confirm this – try this delicious ice cream. I will love it!

In a meanwhile, I have another ice cream idea, but I am not sure if I handled photos this time. It was extremely hot that day, and the ice cream was melting so fast. Should I post it as a milkshake recipe? :)

Cheers for now!


8 thoughts on “Mint Irish Cream Ice Cream

  1. says:

    Areo bars (that’s what we call them here) are one of my favourite chocolates. I’ve made mint aero cupcakes before and they were yummy! So any ice cream flavour using that AND Irish cream can only be outstanding. I forgive you for skipping the gym! :-)

  2. Laura says:

    Oooooh, Ben! Mint + Irish cream + chocolate! Be still, my heart! This sounds amazing! I’m up for any ice cream or milkshake recipes, so bring it on!

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    It has been so hot and humid lately here that our windows are almost always fogged up in the morning. So I totally understand what you mean with the frost on the ice cream…I’m not a chemist either, but I think the humidity has something to do with it. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll still dig into this bowl of ice cream! It sounds delicious, Ben. And glad we were able to give you an excuse to skip the gym. If you need another excuse, how about posting another ice cream? :-)

  4. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    You brought the ice-cream and what an ice-cream it is! Mint chocolate is my all time favourite so loving this version with mint and pretty sure I would devour this whole thing! With a heat warning hear the past couple days, this is just want I want! Great recipe, Ben! P.S. Milkshake sounds lovely too ;)

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