Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad

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Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

This Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad being a simple dish may still sound something unique to you.

Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

Unique Things

Talking about unique things, it’s great when a food blogger has a distinctive way of keeping their blogs or (and) cooking style and habits. Some folks post detailed, step-by-step pictures, to illustrate the recipe. Hundreds of blogs are oriented to a particular niche such as paleo or gluten-free recipes.

Some bloggers are famous for grilling everything, others – for sharing delicious local or international recipes, let’s say the Southern food. Some of them like adding bourbon and other drinks in almost everywhere, and I don’t judge them. Some of us are all about chocolate, while the others – green smoothie and chia puddings.

I may assume there are even bloggers having a kick on lavender. I haven’t seen any of them yet.

However, I don’t know if I have found any niche yet.

Maybe I should be known for making a dessert kinds of pasta like this one?

Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

Millet and Co.

Perhaps, my niche could be about introducing you the produce you might have never heard of (or at least have not tried).

Like buckwheat in this recipe for Beef Eggplant Buckwheat. 

Or millet! I believe, some of you haven’t tried it either. First I posted this Maple Cinnamon Millet Porridge and then these Millet Karjalanpiirakka – Karelian Pies.

And now it’s time for this scrumptious Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad. I have added millet in salads twice. The first version was with peaches and goat cheese, but unfortunately, my camera screwed the pictures (I cannot blame myself, can I?)

Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

This Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad

I wanted to recreate that salad, but after all, I changed the concept having opted for a savory and herbaceous salad. Could you imagine these flavors: succulent tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, slightly nutty salty millet, and lots of fresh basil and mint?

Oh, I totally forget to mention crispy salami. Yes, that’s right. Crispy salami.

Plus, a good drizzle of olive oil and balsamic.

As the result, I got this fantastically delicious Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad. Unlike most of my salad creations, it doesn’t haver any sweet ingredients…or lavender which means for most of you this would be a hearty and earthy meal for you and your whole family.

Do you like millet? How do you use it in the kitchen? What’s your blogging niche?
Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|
Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|
Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad|

2 thoughts on “Millet Tomato Crispy Salami Salad

  1. Shashi at RunninSrilankan says:

    Ben, yes, yes you could carve out a niche with sweet pasta/ dessert pasta – I once tried my hand at dessert pasta making chocolate stuffed manicotti in chocolate sauce and someone left me a comment on Facebook saying that that manicotti looked “phallic” :( But your dessert pasta dishes always make me have a new found respect for pasta – I used to turn my nose up at it before I was introduced to some amazing recipes for it on blogs like yours. As for my blogging niche, well, I kinda feel most of my recipes tend to be on the healthier side so I guess healthier treats and eats maybe?
    And, going back to your recipe, I can so imagine succulent tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, nutty salty millet, fresh basil and mint and crispy salami in ma mouth! Such a delicious combination – now, please please post that millet with peaches and goat cheese – pretty please.

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Oh man. A blogging niche? I know people ask this, and I usually just say ‘seasonal, comfort food’. It’s kinda generic…but I don’t know if I really have a niche. My recipe inspiration is all over the place! But I do enjoy millet, although I’ve never used it in a salad like this before. I need to give that a shot! And crispy salami? Yes, please. I’ll take a double order of that one! :-)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Southern Hummingbird CakeMy Profile

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