Melon Prosciutto Blue Cheese Salad

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Refreshing and delicious, this Melon Prosciutto Blue Cheese Salad is the perfect dish for the Labor Day’s celebration.

Wait! Is it September yet? Oh now!

Don’t get this wrong. I like September, and I do like the beginning of autumn when the mornings are already crisp, but the afternoons are rather warm and nice. Not to mention my excitement about the trees changing their colors and all this pumpkins and apples.

Disclosure – I haven’t had any apples or pumpkins yet. I have started a list of ideas, and I’ll try some of them shortly; however, you won’t see any of them until the fall officially starts. Most of the times, I love to live according to the rules. And one of the rule says you’ve got to eat all the watermelons and melons as you possibly can consume and leave all these delicious apples and pears for later on.

Anyway, today is a wonderful day. Yes, it’s Monday, but there’s no need to work since it’s the Labor Day. Not working on a Labor Day? I do love this idea, and I’m ready to do this every Monday or Friday if you don’t mind.


Because the summer is about to end, I’m suggesting you eat as much summer food as possible. Let’s start with this Melon Prosciutto Blue Cheese Salad, for instance.

It’s refreshing, delicious, and super easy to make (I am embarrassed to call this the “recipe”). There’s something amazing in a combo of luscious melon, fresh herbs, salty prosciutto, and piquant blue cheese. It might sound a little unusual, but it’s a very lovely salad. Also, as I already said, it only takes a few minutes from start to finish which makes it the perfect #LaborDay salad cause no work is involved :)

So enjoy these last summer days and make this Melon Prosciutto Blue Cheese Salad. You may also like this Watermelon Prosciutto Feta Salad.

3 thoughts on “Melon Prosciutto Blue Cheese Salad

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    I am totally on board with the idea of having Labor Day every Monday and Friday! Work is SO overrated. :-) I love prosciutto-wrapped melon, and this is basically the same thing just in salad form. Great idea! We totally chowed down on summer foods this past weekend, too. We’ve started working some Fall favorites in there (like chili) but I’m determined to make some more summer foods on the weekends for a while longer…and this salad might just need to make it’s way into the lineup. Thanks, Ben! I hope your week is off to a great start so far! :-)
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