Maple Orange Madeleines

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These Maple Orange Madeleines is a delicious way to celebrate the maple syrup season (Or just any time of the year.)

Hello, my friends. I have a bizarre question today. Do you believe in personality traits according to Horoscope? While I am not into this at all, from my experience and observations, I might see some connections. I don’t like to categorize people, but sometimes I see some similarities in behaviours of folks born under the same sign.

For instance, they say those born under the sign of Taurus are known for being stubborn. I can see that. I am a pretty stubborn person myself. In my book, there are two ways of being stubborn – the positive and silly. When a person is determined to achieve something without giving up, that’s certainly a good way. However, many people can be stubborn just because they are this way.

I must admit I am guilty of doing this every now and then. Most commonly this happens when I argue or quarrel (Nothing serious) about something with Andrey. The funny part is that often I realize I am completely wrong right in the middle of the argument. What would a normal person do? Stop it and apologize. Me? Most likely, I will stubbornly continue to insist my position is correct. Of course, I will apologize and accept this a few hours later. But right away? I’m not the one who easily gives up.

I wish I were that stubborn in the kitchen, though. I cannot say I often face failures here, and normally I would repeat a recipe if it needs to be polished (The huge exception those complicated layer cakes as I don’t have time to repeat something that requires many hours).

In 2014 I really wanted to try madeleines, and I become a lucky owner of a madeleine pan. The first attempt and it was a tremendous failure. I must admit that I did make some unacceptable shortcuts. That is probably the only example when I immediately stopped trying. For the next 5 years.

This winter I decided to give this lovely French dessert a second chance. The result was pretty good. The next weekend (Saturday) another attempt was deemed successful, and I decided I was ready to bake madeleines once again, to take the pictures. I couldn’t wait, so I mixed another batch on Sunday. Result? A disaster! Of course, I am exaggerating, but when you’re mastering one recipe, you expect it to be better and better every time. 

I have no idea how many madeleines have been consumed in our house lately, but personally, I am taking a little break. I can say that I am absolutely satisfied with their flavour and texture, but I still need to handle their size. Sometimes they turn a little too small while sometimes – enormous (And I always fill only 2/3 of the mould. This is a mystery of the XXI century!)

Anyway, madeleines are an easy and delicious dessert yet a little capricious. But don’t be afraid to tackle them – I have included in the recipe some tricks that will help you to make perfect madeleines.  What about trying these Maple Orange Madeleines first?

5 thoughts on “Maple Orange Madeleines

  1. Marie says:

    These look darling Ben. They have those perfect little Madeleine ‘humps’ – terrible word, but great madeleines. Love love love the flavour combo too. I’ve never tried madeleines maybe I need to add these to my must try list

  2. says:

    Ha ha I’m born under the star sign of Taurus Ben and I can confess that I am most definitey stubborn. And just like yourself I won’t admit I’m wrong to Lynne until hours later. She knows me well enough now though to just wait until I realise I’m wrong! I’ve had many kitchen recipe disasters. It’s all a part of what we do isn’t it? I love your madeleines. They’re not something I’ve ever tried so you’re much braver than me for giving them a go and coming back to them after 5 years. They do look absolutely delicious! :-)

  3. Marissa says:

    Your madeleines turned out perfectly, Ben! I love the maple in them!

    I’m not sure about horoscopes and honestly I don’t know that much about them. I do know that my husband and I are both capricorns and we’ve always gotten along amazingly well. So who knows?

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!
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