Mango Moscato Wine Sorbet

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This luscious Mango Moscato Wine Sorbet is a perfect refreshing dessert for a hot summer day. Bonus: it’s also boozy.

Hello everyone! Surviving hot summer days or indeed enjoying them? I do enjoy most of the times, but sometimes it gets way too much. I have a quick fix, though. This tasty and boozy Mango Moscato WineSorbet will cool you down.

While we enjoy ice cream all year round, and I do make at least a few versions every summer, I haven’t opened the season of homemade ice cream yet. Normally, I love all the rich and decadent ice cream flavours; however, I am not craving them this summer. Since most homemade recipes call for a lot of heavy cream, store-bought versions are so much lighter. I know that a great option would be gelato, but I am also just too lazy to learn a more complicated technique.

Sorbet is such a simple dessert to make, on the other hand! There are a few ways to make sorbet home:

  • To make a simple syrup and incorporate it with fruit puree (Alternatively fruit can be cooked with sugar to soften them) – the perfect option if you don’t get an ice cream maker because the syrup prevents the sorbet from getting too icy;
  • To freeze the fruit or berries then process it in a blender or food processor with a little of liquid – perfect option if you don’t have time or don’t want to wait until the sorbet is frozen; you can enjoy it right away;
  • To combine the fruit part with liquid, puree it, and make sorbet – this is a perfect solution if you’re an owner of ice cream maker as it helps to make sorbet smooth and nice. You can still opt for this option without an ice cream maker; however, it is recommended that you mix the mixture every 30 minutes while it sets in the freezer, for the best result.

Since I do have an ice cream maker, and I don’t want to spend my time on making sugar syrup (Besides, I don’t really use sugar as I prefer my sorbet refreshing and tart), so I always choose the last option.

And the best part of this recipe? The wine, of course! Not only does alcohol enrich the flavour of this frozen dessert, but also prevents the sorbet from turning too solid. You can use any white wine, but I thought the sweet Moscato wine would be a good addition to succulent mangos, and I didn’t regret! Of course, you can adjust the amount of wine by substituting some water instead because this recipe has quite a distinctive wine taste.  I mean who would complain, right?

Have you ever tried adding wine into sorbet? Would you enjoy this Mango Moscato Wine Sorbet?


3 thoughts on “Mango Moscato Wine Sorbet

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    What a fun idea to use wine here, Ben! I bet that helps keep the texture of this sorbet nice and not too hard. I’ve never been a huge fan of moscato in terms of drinking a glass by itself…but I could totally be on board with using it in a dessert. (I find it too sweet to drink by itself, but it would work well in this sorbet!) I need to find an ice cream scoop and dig into this one!
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