Honey Thyme Roasted Plums

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Honey Thyme Roasted Plums | Havocinthekitchen.com


Inspiration really could be a strange thing!

Honey Thyme Roasted Plums | Havocinthekitchen.com

Let’s say I’m talking about the kitchen. What? Would you ever imagine me talking about another kind of inspiration? I’m afraid I’m not that interesting guy.

Anyways. Let’s say you love two things. Simple things. Not caviar or truffles. For instance, sweet potato and pancakes. And you’ve been cooking them for ages. But you’ve never combined them together. Perhaps, you would have never figured out it. And then Sonali posts a recipe. And you’re jumping and merrily screaming: “Eureka! Eureka!” And very soon you make this delicious Sweet Potato Pancakes. Needless to say, you might be too harsh on yourself because you haven’t been that creative to develop this idea first.

Honey Thyme Roasted Plums | Havocinthekitchen.com

Or you might have been raising a skeptical eye at one famous recipe for ages. You even might have tried it once, but you didn’t love and gave up on it. And you might be so skeptical that you’ve been automatically rejecting all the similar recipes because you know you won’t love them. I would say it’s kind of prejudice against particular foods. And then, all of the sudden, David publishes one recipe. And you’re reading the post and looking at the pictures, and you realize that you need to try this. You need this so bad that few days later you would make the Banana Oat Bread. And you love it so much that you start thinking what kinds of banana bread you would be making the next 5 years.

Or you might have been thinking for two months what kind of mac and cheese you should make. And then, having already lost any hope because of being clueless, you see a new Jonathan’s recipe. And you’re saying to him: Jonathan, we’ve you been? Why didn’t you suggest this idea two years ago? But even though you might sound grouchy, you’re so happy that there are so talented folks around you. Sure, you end up making this Ratatouille Mac and Cheese.

There’s another story. You’re definitely familiar with one recipe because it’s not rocket science at all. In fact, you might have made this many times. You just haven’t managed to take any pictures. Or you might have taken some with no real success since not all food is photogenic. And then Mike posts another good recipe with great photographs. And you’re saying to yourself: Dude, you should try this again! And you try. And as a result, you’ve got something delicious and quite good looking.

Like these Honey Thyme Roasted Plums.

And you might even be proud of yourself (just for a few seconds) because sometimes you’re not that bad.

Honey Thyme Roasted Plums | Havocinthekitchen.com

Honey Thyme Roasted Plums | Havocinthekitchen.com

Thank you, folks, for a continuous inspiration you’re giving to me! Please, keep on doing that!

Yes, inspiration is such an interesting thing!

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