Homemade Granola

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It’s being said breakfast is the most important meal.

I agree even though lunch and dinner are essential to me too.

That’s why I am so excited to post the first recipe for this category on my blog.

That’s not a real recipe though. That’s more an idea which could easily be adjusted and tweaked.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome – homemade granola!


I made granola first time ever about 7 years ago. I did it for my man since he was so picky about granola from the supermarket, so I decided to pamper him once.

Since that time, I have been making a large tray (or two) of it every month, sometimes even twice.

After these 7 years or about he still prefers homemade granola, even though the quality of granola being sold in Canada is very high.


Does that sound like the greatest mistake I might have done in my life?

Anyway, it’s some kind of a ritual now.

If you think I have a lot of fun making this granola, I cannot support your point. There are quite a number of strict standards, or to be more specific ingredients, I should follow.

The approved ingredients are oats, 4-5 kinds of nuts and seeds, and honey which I occasionally substitute for some maple syrup. I mean NO chocolate morsels, dried fruit, coconut or something like that. Most of my suggestions to liven this recipe up have been criticised and denied. There is no place for any improvisation in our case.


But you can pick for this recipe whatever you like. Dried cranberries? Awesome! Banana chips? Why not! A pinch of sea salt? What could work! Raisins? Hmm… That sounds a bit weird to me. Does anyone love raisins in their granola?!

Needless to mention the proportions are approximate as well.

You even can adjust the texture making granola gummy or crispy.

Basically, there are a lot of options you can opt for, and the results will always be great!







One thought on “Homemade Granola

  1. Lorrie Roa says:

    We’ve been making granola for years and I always enjoy trying a new recipe. I love granola but the usual one I get has so many raisins and nuts, I like that you can control how much you put in of each type if you make your own. Love the tropical taste also, this looks delicious. I love all their Grains.

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