Hazelnut Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream

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This luscious, refreshing, and moderately sweet Hazelnut Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream will help you fight these summer heat waves!


Hazelnut Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream

Hello, everyone. Happy Friday! I hope you are doing well, and I hope you are enjoying this summer. Are you? Myself? Kindof. I do love the part about seasonal fruit. I do love the part about having some fresh herbs for cooking and flowers for my food photography from our balcony. And I certainly do love the ice cream part. I do love this part all year round, but sometimes I feel guilty for having my ice cream in winter. Summer is the legit time.

That’s about it.

Don’t get this wrong. I like the summer weather too. Most of the times. Certainly not that kind of weather we’ve been having for the last couple of days. Way too hot, way too humid. Rather unbearable indeed. My brains (Even though I sometimes doubt I have some) are melting like ice cream in summer. That’s why I am keeping this short today.

Yes, this heat. Not to worry, though. I’ve got you covered. I am going to save you from this heat by bringing some refreshing ice cream ideas. I know, I know. I’m such a generous and considerate guy. Don’t thank you (Making a curtsy).

Over the last 3 years, I have shared a lot of ice cream ideas on this blog. You might even remember that I have posted some not so common flavors such as Cardamom Coffee Fig Ice Cream, Prune Cherry Brandy Ice Cream, or this luscious Limoncello Ice Cream. This summer, however, I have tried making more simple combinations like this Creamy Yogurt Ice Cream and now Hazelnut Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Simple? Yes. Creamy and dreamy? Certainly! Delicious? Absolutely!

There’s something utterly simple, cozy, hearty, yet refreshing in this flavor combination. That’s all about Hazelnut Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Stay refreshed and hydrated – have a lot of ice cream and milkshakes :)









6 thoughts on “Hazelnut Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream

  1. Jessica says:

    My boys would love this for sure, Ben! Anything with nuts and honey, my boys do love. Ice cream? They would never say NO to it. haha! Thanks for sharing this ice cream recipe.

  2. neil@neilshealthymeals.com says:

    I could do with some of this ice cream Ben. It’s not often that, here in Scotland, I’m actually going to sleep on top of the duvet as it’s so hot and humid at night! A bowl of this delicious dessert would certainly help to cool me down and I think it would actually help me sleep too! Excellent recipe Ben. You’re not only the Naan Pizza King but the Ice Cream Professor too! :-)

  3. Kim | Give it Some Thyme says:

    This sounds like a delicious combination Ben! Very creative! We had a little reprieve of the crazy hot and humid, scorching days over the weekend, but it’s heating up again. Going to Iceland soon which will put us all in climate shock! But my kids eat ice cream no matter the temperature. :)

  4. Laura says:

    I love ice cream like no other food! And this recipe looks and sounds perfect! Sorry it’s so hot there, but I imagine it’s nice to have this lovely treat in your freezer! I love cinnamon ice cream so this is a must-make for me! Thanks, Ben, for the recipe!

  5. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    Haha! If ice cream and milkshakes keep you hydrated then I’m all in :). Sorry to hear your weather has been humid lately; nothing is quite so miserable! I love heat as long as it’s dry. All the more reason to stay inside and eat ice cream! Especially this one–it sounds delicious!

  6. David @ Spiced says:

    I am right there with ya about ice cream year round, Ben! But ice cream on a hot summer day really is amazing. (And it’s been REALLY hot in our area lately.) The flavors you’ve got going on here totally call to me, and I’m a big fan of using the chopped hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are’t used near enough in my opinion! Did you save me a bowl of this one? :-)

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