Green Tea Glazed Cake Donuts

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Green Tea Glazed Cake Donuts – fluffy, soft, and moist donuts with luscious green tea glaze.

This post appeared first on this blog in April 2015. I have updated pictures, while the text remains the same.

Hi, World!

I’ve got a great announcement to make!

It’s official – I’ve got a new kick. The era of donuts is over! Well, at least for the time being:)

Who could ever imagine I would cheat on donuts? Ditch out on them after the long-term relationship? This love seemed to be mutual and to the end of our lives…

I feel guilty and pumped at the same time.

I am not going to reveal the more details today though. Stay intrigued. And stay tuned for the following updates.

In a meanwhile, having had this “donut passion” for about last 3 months, I’ve got a lot of lovely recipes to post on here. Believe me, you won’t forget them too soon (if it was a movie, the music theme would be quite sinister for this part).

Today I’ve got these fabulous incredible awesome delicious (oh, I’ve got to be humble!) Green Tea Glazed Donuts. Although I haven’t worked that much with green tea in cooking, I do love it. And I will be incorporating it often soon! The key thing about using green tea powder is to find out the right balance between sweetness and natural bitterness of tea. Sorry guys but I won’t be able to give the specific recommendations about the proportions of green tea and sugar. That’s totally up to your taste. So, the second key is to sample your glaze until you get the desired taste. Pleasant work, eh?! Personally, I love the distinctive strong taste of green tea.

It perfectly worked with these moist and fluffy bad guy. Green tea glaze is one of the most luscious and sophisticated I’ve tried so far. If needed to choose only one kind of donuts I’ve tried during this insane “donut marathon”, I would probably opt for these sumptuous and handsome guys.

Eh, donuts, donuts….it’s been such a pleasure to have been with you but I’ve got to move on!

I will miss you! And we will definitely meet again, sooner or later!



9 thoughts on “Green Tea Glazed Cake Donuts

  1. spicedblog says:

    Holy deliciousness, Batman! Cake doughnuts are one of my all-time favorites, and I love the green tea twist here. I bet these would be epic with a cup of coffee! (Ok, maybe we can have green tea doughnuts and lemon cookies with our coffee tomorrow morning. It’ll be Friday, so doughnuts and cookies are totally needed!)

    • havocinthekitchen says:

      You are so right! But always remember to have only one cup of coffee.It’s always better have 5 donuts/cookies etc with one cup of coffee than 5 cups of coffee with only one donut/cookie, right?! :)

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