Goji Berries Green Smoothie

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Hello, World and thanks for all your congrats!

I feel, I feel you would love to ask but hesitating. Congratulations on WHAT?!

This month I am having an anniversary. Last year, somewhere in March, I tried my first green smoothie ever!

Yes, I have always been a sluggish guy. Besides, I had been raising a skeptical eye at green smoothies for a few years. They did scare me.  I used to be disgusted by an idea of having something green to drink, even though I LOVE spinach and other green stuff.

That ridiculous disgusting behavior is in the past though.


I cannot name myself a green smoothie devotee drinking them every day, but I love get some smoothie a few times a month. So far I’ve tried a number of lovely combos, and I am not going to stop!

For example, I’ve discovered goji berries just recently, and I loved them. They are a great addition to a green smoothie too, adding lovely sweet herbal notes. Plus, they are responsible for a boost of protein and nutrition; specifically a tablespoon of this gorgeous berries has about 4 grams proteins. Not bad, eh?

Thus, this smoothie will be a great post-workout meal or a meal to start you day off.

Did I mention this smoothie is amazingly delicious too?

The last think I would like to say is  – be creative! I am giving just some recommendation while you can adjust the idea adding or substituting some components, as well as changing the proportions.



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