Easter Nest Cookies

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Easter is one of the most solemn and significant holidays with the deepest historical and religious roots. However, besides this context Easter has always been one of the brightest time of a year to me.

Easter is about living up everything around us. Easter is about the anticipation of spring coming after long (in sometimes saviour) winter. Easter is about birds coming home.

Easter is about lovely symbols such as bunnies or even better chocolate bunnies :)


Finally, Easter is about scrumptious food. Sure, all these meals associated with Easter like Easter eggs and breads have existed through history and have been the profound traditions since the dawn of time, but they are the rich delicious meals too.

And they are often cute too – I am talking about chocolate bunnies again :)


Today I’ve got some pretty and delish cookies too.

First time ever I tried them 2 years ago, and they turned so good that this year I decided to repeat them. They are soft and chewy at the same time. They’ve got the distinctive coconut and almond flavors not being too sweet which is a great advantage of them. Plus, topped with colorful chocolate eggs, they are so beautiful and so about Easter, aren’t they?


I love them since they are quite photogenic as well!

But not only is this post about the cookies but also about the towels which I bought 2 years ago and have been using as my Easter props. Aren’t they gorgeous too? The only one issue is that they are the way too pretty. It’s kind of a destructive way when it’s such a challenge to fit the food:)


For instance, having taken one hundred snaps or around that, I was able to pick just a few of them where the cookies and the props work together but not the towels separately. Indeed, it’s supposed to be about the cookies, isn’t it?


But perhaps I will take some pictures of these towels without any distractive food.

That doesn’t sound weird at all, right?



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