Dulce De Leche Snickerdoodle Thumbprint Cookies

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Dulce De Leche Snickerdoodle Thumbprint Cookies are a delicious and sweet treat for those who have a sweet tooth.

Dulce De Leche Snickerdoodle Thumbprint Cookies

Hello, my friends. Although I doubt that anyone will see this post (I do imagine you’re  busy now. And I do understand you’d rather spend time with your family. So am I indeed – that’s why I am keeping this short and easy today), I’ve decided to share these Dulce De Leche Snickerdoodle Thumbprint Cookies with you.

First of all, we should remember that Santa’s coming to town ©. Even though I am not sure if I’m on Santa’s good or naughty list this year, I don’t want to take my chances. Thus, baking some extra cookies for this dude is obligatory. I believe Santa will appreciate these treats (When he recovers from a sugar coma, of course).

Secondly, these cookies are filled with dulce de leche. And you know me – I cannot properly end the year without a dulce de leche recipe. Besides, dulce de leche works so well with all these warming spices such as cinnamon and ginger, so I thought that would be a perfect marriage.

I also thought that coating the snickerdoodle cookies with demerara (or other “coarse”) kind of sugar will make the cookies look even more beautiful. That’s true – look at those sparkles! However, using this sugar quite affected the exterior; it was crispier than the ones traditional snickerdoodles have. Still lovely – but I love chewy exterior more. In fact, I coated ½ of the batch with the mixture of the regular granulated sugar (2/3) and demerara (1/3), and the result was so much better, in my opinion.

There’s on little thing you should be aware – this is an extremely sweet dessert. That’s not surprising, right? I believe you can add slightly less sugar in the dough. Also, I won’t recommend serving this with eggnog (And I hope you would not have thought of such option), but with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee or tea, this would be a very enjoyable experience.

So please make Dulce De Leche Snickerdoodle Thumbprint Cookies and leave (or don’t) a couple of Santa.

I will also post another recipe on Sunday or Monday, but in case you’re busy, let me wish you a beautiful holiday and lots of festive food (Remember that calories on December don’t count. We’ll argue about this with our scales in January.)

P.S. I also hope you’re on Santa’s good list.


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  1. David @ Spiced says:

    It seems only fitting that you wrap up the year with a good dulce de leche recipe post! I mean you’ve been making delicious dulce de leche creations all year, and we wouldn’t want Santa to miss out, right? These look amazing, and I do hope that Santa remembers to keep you on his list this year. I hope you are having a great holiday break so far, my friend! Merry Christmas!
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