Dulce de Leche French Toast Casserole

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Luscious and totally amazing, you can enjoy this Dulce de Leche French Toast Casserole for a decadent breakfast, dessert, or just any time of the day. Disclosure: you won’t able to stop!

Hello everyone! Without further ado, let’s enjoy this Dulce de Leche French Toast Casserole and celebrate my upcoming birthday (This Friday). Let me use the opportunity to congratulate Neil who celebrates his birthday also on May 8th. I mean, what are the chances, eh? Two years in a row, I shared some traditional Russian desserts around my birthday here on the blog (This Earl’ Castle Ruins Cake and this Medovik – Russian Honey Layer Cake); however, this year I didn’t manage it. But no worries – I am baking another twist of that honey cake tomorrow (Because you cannot trust making your own birthday cake, right?)

Anyway, since I haven’t got anything elegant, I decided to share a recipe with one of my favourite things – dulce de leche.
This Dulce de Leche French Toast Casserole (Actually, you can name it a bread pudding, but it doesn’t sound that fancy) is something you want to dig in; and trust me, it’s hard to stop until the skillet is (half) empty. Also, did I mention those pecans and a splash of strong alcohol like brandy or whisky? Divine!

Also, remember I promised to share another good news with you guys? Here we go. Please meet our sweet girl Daisy! We wanted to get a kitten and puppy roughly at the same time, to let them get accustomed to each other from a young age. I cannot say they’re best friends yet, but they like the company of each other. Daisy was a little shy for only a couple of days when she arrived, but she’s a totally bossy and cheeky girl now! And she’s so cute, especially when sleeping, haha. She’s been with us for a month, and I can tell it’s a perfect time as we have a unique opportunity to watch her grow while working from home these days.

All right, let me wrap this up. Please make this delicious Dulce de Leche French Toast Casserole and celebrate my birthday with me!

Cheers and see you next week.

7 thoughts on “Dulce de Leche French Toast Casserole

  1. Laura says:

    wow! This French toast looks gorgeous and sound to die for! Love the pecans and the dulce de Leche! Yum! And congrats on your two baby animals – they are adorable! We have a dog and two cats, and they all get along, just struggle to speak the same language sometimes. but congrats!

  2. Liz says:

    YUM!!! Love that you added some gooey, caramelly goodness to this French toast bake! And your pup and kitty are absolutely adorable!!

  3. Neil says:

    Hey Ben! Thanks so much for my birthday wishes again. And for preparing me this amazing Dulce de Leche French Toast Casserole in my honour. Ha ha! I absolutely love it. I may be tempted to put a good glug of whisky in it, which I see you’ve approved anyway. How delighful are your new puppy and kitten? I’ve shown their pictures to our cat, Begbie and he approves (I think). Have a great birthday when it comes mate!

  4. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    OMG I cannot! A puppy and kitten at the same time? How fun is that? They’re both SO cute, Ben! Give them both extra pats from me! And save me some of this casserole because it sounds delicious!

  5. Marissa says:

    Happy Birthday, Ben! (Today is my mom’s birthday too!)

    LOVE the photos of your fur babies! And this French toast of yours looks spectacular.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  6. Katherine | Love In My Oven says:

    Happy birthday Ben!!!! Your little fur balls are so adorable. It looks like you’ll have an amazing, fun day filled with love. The only thing i can think of that would make your birthday better is dulce de leche. Especially when it’s in this French Toast casserole!! XO

  7. David @ Spiced says:

    Haha! Now I know you guys are crazy. Getting a kitten and a puppy at the same time!? In all seriousness, though, I like the idea of getting them both at the same time – as you noted, it lets them grow up together. Hopefully they become friends! We have 2 puppies here, and today is our 1-week anniversary with them. It’s been a crazy week, and we haven’t slept much…but we love them! I also love this French Toast Casserole idea. It’s exactly what I need this weekend…and that splash of bourbon? Oh yeah! Genius.
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