Creamy Smoked Salmon Baked Pasta

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This Creamy Smoked Salmon Baked Pasta is perfect for cold winter days. It combines cold smoked salmon, sautéed leeks, cream cheese, cheddar, fresh thyme, aromatic pink peppercorn, and a delicate touch of lemon.

Creamy Smoked Salmon Baked Pasta

Hi, friends. I hope you are doing well. I realized that I have mostly shared the sweet recipes lately. Although we all don’t mind some sweet dishes, I think it’s time for some seriously delicious savory dish. Creamy Smoked Salmon Baked Pasta combines only a few ingredients, but the result is fantastic. Dreamy and creamy pasta mixed with a rich cream cheese sauce, sautéed leeks, and smoked salmon. The addition of fresh thyme, pink peppercorn, and lemon elevates this pasta to a more sophisticated level.

As you see, I used cold smoked salmon, but I do believe hot smoked salmon would work even better as it has a flaky texture.

And did I mention this smoked cheddar crust on top of this luscious pasta?

Also, I’ve got some update. Do you remember the list of the recipes which were created before moving to Halifax? Well, I am almost done!

  1. Pasta
  2. Baked pasta
  3. Another twist on my cheese savory cookies/biscuits
  4. Another twist on naan pizza
  5. Baked stuffed pasta (Possibly I discard this one as I am not fully satisfied with the pics)
  6. Twist on tiramisu (Possibly I discard this one as I haven’t checked the pictures)
  7. Fabulously delicious carrot cookies (Will likely discard this one as I cannot find the recipe/proportions I used)
  8. Another twist on fruit/berry curd (Will probably post as it has – a spoiler alert – a beautiful vibrant yellow&orange color)
  9. Persimmon salad (Delicious one, but the pictures are very boring. Will see)
  10. Cookie truffles (Will not post as I screwed the pictures)

I have decided to discard #9 and 10. Also, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate the full recipe for those carrot cookies. Damn it! It was so good. I need to recreate it. I will likely post #5 which is a simple yet delicious dish.

With this Creamy Smoked Salmon Baked Pasta, I am posting today, this means that next week I will start sharing my new, #Halifax creations. And this means there will be some seafood ideas. While waiting for new ideas, please don’t waste your time and indulge yourself with this scrumptious pasta skillet.

See you soon.

8 thoughts on “Creamy Smoked Salmon Baked Pasta

  1. Pamela Kitchen says:

    I have some smoked salmon cream cheese. Could I use it in this recipe because my salmon is not smoked?

    • Ben | Havocinthekitchen says:

      Yes, absolutely go ahead with smoked salmon cream cheese – the flavour, depending on the brand might be a bit more subtle in the final dish, but it will be good with your leftover salmon.
      I wouldn’t recommend using the liquid smoke though as it could easily overpower the entire dish.

  2. Pamela Kitchen says:

    Is it viable to use liquid smoke on already cooked salmon in this recipe? I would like to incorporate some great leftover salmon.

  3. says:

    Salmon, pasta and cream cheese what a fantastic combination Ben, I love it! What a perfect dish for cold winter’s days like the one we’re experiencing here in Scotland today! The addition of leeks here too with the Smoked Salmon makes me think you’ve thought of me here in Scotland because these are all home grown ingredients! :-)

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    That’s it. I need to make one of your baked pasta dishes, Ben. They all look so delicious! For some reason, I often shy away from cheese and seafood together…but I know it can work when it’s paired well. And I think this recipe sounds excellent! And I see that you used smoked cheddar. Perfect! I’m a sucker for all smoked cheeses for sure. Hope your week is going well, my friend!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Sauteed Sirloin Medallions with Pearl Onion Red Wine SauceMy Profile

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