Creamy Smoked Oyster Dip

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This Creamy Smoked Oyster Dip with thyme, lemon zest, pink peppercorns, and smoked paprika is a quick and delightful spread for any occasion!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing great. First of all, let me congratulate you on the official spring! I fact, I didn’t realize the astronomical spring was March 19th this year, until two days later. On a side note, it doesn’t look a lot like spring yet. Speaking of spring, we’re going to have possibly up to 10 cm of snow!

It’s going to be really nice and warm soon. In meanwhile, let’s enjoy this irresistibly delicious and decadent Creamy Smoked Oyster Dip. You will need just 5 minutes to make it, and it’s packed with flavour and texture. Basically, this is a combination of cream cheese and smoked oysters (You can also use smoked mussels.) Plus, you are going to need just a few aromatic ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Lemon, fresh thyme, and crushed pink peppercorns do elevate the flavour profile of this Creamy Smoked Oyster Dip.

Serve this dip with some toasted baguette, crackers, or whatever you fancy as an appetizer or even light meal. And don’t forget some white wine!

Cheers for now.

6 thoughts on “Creamy Smoked Oyster Dip

  1. Liz says:

    Oh, my gosh, does this dip sound amazing! My mom would have tins of things like smoked oysters in our pantry and making them into a dip was genius!! Stay well, Ben!

  2. Marie says:

    While I’m not a fan of oysters in their natural form, I’m definitely a fan of dip and umami flavours that this dip has. I’m looking forward to trying this.

  3. Marissa says:

    So excited for spring – we don’t have a single daffodil yet!

    Like Jeff and David, I’ve never had smoked oysters, but I know that I’d love them. This dip looks addictive!

  4. Katherine | Love In My Oven says:

    I can’t WAIT for spring, Ben! We keep being teased with nice weather and then get hit with snow again.
    Since I’m going to be spending all of this time at home, I should use some of it for this creamy oyster dip!!! I have stocked up on crackers!

  5. David @ Spiced says:

    Smoked oysters, eh? I don’t think I’ve ever had those! I’ve had raw ones (didn’t care for ’em) and grilled ones (delicious), but never smoked. That’s next on the list! And this dip sounds like a great way to use them, too. I can’t lie, though, I’m kinda starting at that bread, too. It looks quite tasty!
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