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Cranberry Curd|

I’ve been craving for a lot of tart things recently. Which is why I’ve made this refreshing luscious Cranberry Curd.

Cranberry Curd|

That’s true. I’ve wanted everything tart and sour recently. I’ve been hunting for everything refreshing in the stores. Lime sorbet? Yes, please! Fresh and frozen fruit and berries (of course, tart)? Sure! Cranberry or pomegranate juice? Absolutely. And lemons, please more lemons. More lime sorbet? You don’t need to ask me twice. And why the heck they don’t produce cranberry sorbet?

Cranberry Curd|

It might be some winter issues. Lack of the vitamins or something.  I always eat some specific produce throughout the fall and winter seasons. Usually, it starts with pomegranates, and I cannot help but eat them a lot. Especially when someone nice peels them off. You know, it’s much easier to enjoy the pure kernels, right?

January and February are reserved for citruses, basically oranges and mandarins. And while most of the normal people try to pick some sweet oranges, I gladly grab the tart ones. I can literally eat a few pounds of oranges at once. Once, it was 7 years ago or so, I ate a 5-pound bag of oranges in one evening. Surprisingly, I survived. I try to limit myself these days, but I may or may not have had 4 or 5 oranges at once a few times this winter.

Cranberry Curd|

I’ve mentioned some time ago I got a cold. Every time I have a cold, I start drinking a lot of hot tea with honey, sometimes ginger, and sure lemons. This time I also found a huge package of cranberries in the fridge. So a few minutes later I would have a large bowl of the frozen berries. And then some more.

As you may remember, I recently made some Blood Orange Curd declaring I won’t stop. Apparently, I did not. Cranberry Curd? Why not! What a perfect idea to satisfy my cravings!

Cranberry Curd|

Needless to say, this Cranberry Curd turned out perfect. Luscious, tart, and refreshing. I added less sugar and some lemon juice to make it even more…cranbeluscious. Please feel free to adjust the acidity. Indeed, I mixed the cranberries with some lingonberries (Which I found in the fridge as well – what a beautiful fridge we’ve got!), and the result was excellent.

Cranberry Curd|

The only one thing I should mention is to pick the berries carefully. Avoid buying those large (and usually dry inside) pale pink cranberries which inundate the stores all year round. Spend some time and find rather small and succulent berries. You will likely find them in the frozen produce department, and they will likely be from Eastern Europe. Trust me, cranberries make the difference here!

But what about you, guys? Have you been craving for anything special recently (Chocolate doesn’t count)? Have you ever added any berries in a classic lemon curd?

Cranberry Curd|

8 thoughts on “Cranberry Curd

  1. CakePants says:

    Wow, that color is absolutely intoxicating!! I never thought to make cranberry curd, but I’m glad that you did, because it looks and sounds amazing. And wow…5 pounds of oranges in one evening?! That’s intense…

  2. Jeff @ Make It Like a Man! says:

    Did you just say “cranbeluscious?” You’d better slap a trademark on the end of that word before I whip up a batch of this! Just kidding. Of course I’d give you credit. But none of the profits. Just kidding. I’d give you 25%. Just kidding. Who has lingonberries just sitting around? You lucky guy.

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    I think it’s something about the weather starting to get warmer…I totally crave lemon flavored desserts around this time of the year, too. And now we’re starting to get into grilling season (almost), so I really want to eat grilled food like crazy. I’m loving this cranberry curd, though. What a unique idea! I could imagine this one being delicious served with a slice of vanilla pound cake. Yum! :-)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Thai Peanut WrapsMy Profile

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