Couscous, Roasted Oranges and Feta Salad

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Last year I discovered so many new things in cooking. I won’t be giving you the examples though since they sound ridiculously simple, and you are going to ridicule me.

Oh, no. Are you begging me to disclose some of them? Okay, okay, I’ll do that – I can’t make you beg.

For example, first time ever I made a green smoothie. Yes, I had been raising a skeptical eye at green drinks for ages, but eventually I decided to give it a try. And totally loved it! I’ve loved them that much that you are going to find them quite often here!

So far doesn’t sound bad?

Okay, I’ll continue.

First time ever I made an…avocado toast! Now I feel you have started to laugh at me. Yes, it was just a simple avo toast. To be fair enough, they were a lot of avo toasts last year.

Shall I wrap it up? Yes, I shall. I don’t like being a laughing stock.

However, there is a few examples I am proud of. First time ever I roasted grapes and oranges for our salads. I often incorporate citrus and grapes in salads but roasting or grilling them lift them up to the next, more sophisticated and palatable level.

I didn’t peel the oranges on purpose to get a distinctive bitter aftertaste and that a lovely texture of slightly crispy peel.  But they didn’t turn out dry because the flesh was still succulent and flavourful.

Combined with couscous, pomegranate kernels and feta, these roasted oranges make this salad the hit!

That’s damn scrumptious.

I have no words left to say.


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