Corn Blueberry Sausage Salad

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This Corn Blueberry Sausage Salad with crunchy toasted almonds and pungent blue cheese is a delightful way to celebrate the end of August and Labour Day which is around the corner.

Corn Blueberry Sausage Salad

Hi, everyone! Can you believe August is almost over? Can you indeed believe this summer is almost over too? I know – such trivial questions every blogger is apparently asking. Disregard. Let’s better talk this scrumptious Corn Blueberry Sausage Salad.

I knew the combination of sweet corn and blueberries is common in some parts of America. However, I was a little bit skeptical to try it out because it sounded peculiar to me. If you have known this blog for a while, you could react to this statement like this: “What? Is the combo of blueberries and corn sound strange to you, Ben? What about this  Smoked Salmon Apricot Salad then? Or this Grape Blue Cheese Brie Naan Pizza? What about this Blackberry Lavender Pasta? Or did you consider that Chocolate Pasta with Nutella Whiskey Sauce as a very ubiquitous combo by any chance?”

I see your point. Sometimes our gustatory cells (aka taste buds) want to convince that you will not like the certain combination before even trying it. I was certainly more concerned about Andrey, but he was positive when I described the salad. I decided to incorporate some sausage as having them would have helped Andrey to approve it. I also omitted the blue cheese for Andrey’s version, but I added it in my salad, and it was delicious! As for Andrey, he did love this salad too. Well, he noted that he would not have minded if I had added more sausage :)

Although we don’t have a grill, this year I found a good way of cooking corns in a pan. Indeed, you don’t even need to cook it as freshly picked corn is juicy, tender, and delicious itself.

Please enjoy this Corn Blueberry Sausage Salad. And I will have more corn ideas in September.


5 thoughts on “Corn Blueberry Sausage Salad

  1. Ron says:

    What a colorful bowl of food and tasty looking as well. A full meal deal in my opinion. Would have never thought of corn with blueberries, but why not. Ben, thanks for opening our culinary eyes.

  2. says:

    What immediately grabbed me about this recipe Ben was those lovely big chunks of sausage. Then when you described sweetcorn and blueberries being in it together, I though “OK, I can see how that goes”. It’s not a combination I’ve had before. But my taste buds tell me it goes together! It’s still warm here so I think I can fit a bowl of this salad in just before the temperature plummets. Thanks Ben. Have a good weekend!

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    I love slicing fresh corn and using it in salads! I agree that sometimes flavor combinations sound a little funny, but then one bite changes your mind entirely. One of Laura’s favorites dessert snacks is a gingersnap cookie topped with blue cheese and a drop of honey. That used to sound terrible to me, but now it’s one of my favorites, too. (I don’t think Andrey would like that one, though!) This salad sounds fun, and I would love to have it for lunch today. Thanks for sharing, Ben!

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