Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty”

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Decadent, rich, and delicate, this Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty” with a chocolate fudge ribbon is a nutty and refreshing dessert which tastes almost like…”Bounty” bars!

Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty”

Hello, my friends. I wasn’t going to post a new recipe today, but I have a serious reason. All of a sudden, it has slightly cooled down outside (perhaps thanks to rain happened during the night). It’s still highly humid, but I can finally breathe, with some help from the fan. That puny change was enough for my brain to liven up and encourage its owner to post another recipe. I have decided I must use this opportunity. After all, you never know what happens tomorrow, right?

(Actually, the weather forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look that optimistic). How about your area? Do you have a substantial amount of ice cream in your fridge? What about making this luscious Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty”?

I’ve made this Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty” twice this summer. Not because I was enjoying its taste – but because I was looking for the perfection. Have I found the perfect recipe? Probably not.

The thing is that many years ago (Before coming to Canada and before I made super rich and delicious coconut ice cream which so resembled “Bounty” bars. This year I tried to recreate it to share with you (Because I’m an amazingly generous guy, you know that), but it didn’t meet my expectations. It was decent delish coconut ice cream which didn’t taste enough like “Bounty”.

Besides being a generous person, I am also a smart guy (sometimes). I realized I should check my old Russian food blog. Yes, I used to be a blogger long before this site. Although that blog has been abandoned for years, I keep it for my inspiration. Yes, I also used to be a more creative dude (I do create some interesting combinations now too, but I even cannot compare these times. What about sparkling wine jelly cubes on a salad? Savory pesto sorbet for a salad dressing? Or chicken pate with rhubarb?)

Bingo! According to the recipe, I also used white chocolate the first time. Also, in my second attempt, I added egg yolks too. Please note that according to this recipe, egg yolks are not pasteurized. You can easily skip this step if you don’t trust raw eggs.

Was the second attempt better? 100%

Was I able to recreate the expected flavor? Not exactly. I think there’s still a tiny nuance missing. Probably, my perception is just different now. But it feels that back in 2011 it tasted 100% like “Bounty”. Now? I would say, 91,8% which is a pretty good result!

Even though this Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty” might not taste like famous chocolate bar 100%, but it’s a silky and delightful dessert with a distinctive coconut flavor, coconut pulp, and smooth milk chocolate fudge ribbon.

Sounds beautiful, right?

5 thoughts on “Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty”

  1. Laura says:

    Ben – I love this recipe. I’m not familiar with “Bounty” bar, but it seems it may be similar to “Mounds Bar” in the US? Count me in, though! Coconut ice cream sounds simply amazing, especially with chocolate! Thanks for the recipe. I would be happy to test this for you,, you know, if you need some assistance on what would add the additional 8.2% greatness.

  2. says:

    Ice cream that tastes like “Bounty Bars” you say? I’m listenning! I haven’t used raw egg yolks in ice cream before. But as you say you can skip that. Although that’s something I really should try as I feel I’m missing out. Plus Bounty Bars are one of Lynne’s favourite chocolates. I’d score points in if made this!

  3. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I wish I knew Russian so I could read your old blog! It sounds like you have some really fun recipes over there. I’m glad your weather is cooling down some, and I’m really really glad you were able to post this ice cream. It sounds soooo good!

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    So first I must say that I appreciate your commitment to finding the perfect coconut Bounty ice cream! If you ever need a taste tester, then you know where to find me. So I have to admit that I’ve never seen raw egg yolks in ice cream. I often use more egg yolks (like 4 or 5) and then cook them with the sugar and cream to create my ice cream bases. What does the raw version taste like? I guess I’ll just have to find out! And I love that you served this one in an actual coconut. Well done, Ben, well done!
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