Citrus Tea Collection

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This Citrus Tea Collection suggests 5 delicious ways to enjoy a cup of soul-warming tea on a cold winter day.

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. If you missed my previous post, you’re not aware I’ve had an extended weekend as I had an extra day off on Friday. Since last Monday was a statuary holiday here, there’s some simple math: over the course of 9 days, I only worked 3 days. How cool is that?

Also, even though it’s still a month until (official) spring, I can already feel spring in the air! Another exciting part is that daylight has become significantly longer now. Have you noticed that? That’s the best part after all! However, march could be rather tricky (Well, last year we had frost in June), so it’s too early to give up on all the comfort and soul-warming food and drinks.

My latest interest is developing recipe collections of drinks like this Christmas Tea Collection and this Mulled Wine. And here we go again Рwinter with its abundance of citrus fruit has inspired me for this Citrus Tea Collection. And I am not going to stop Рthere would be another hearty drink collection soon. I do love the concept of recipe collections because you can join ideas which you can hardly consider a recipe in one post. Smart, right? :)

There are no strict rules here. You just take whatever citrus fruit you like and jazz it up with spices and herbs. Love a refreshing delightful flavour? Try Blood Orange Thyme Tea. Love a pleasant bitter aftertaste? Grapefruit Tea with Pink Peppercorn and Thyme will do. Looking for a boozy drink? Spiced Orange Whisky Tea is your answer. Craving something sweet and delicate? Try Tangerine Thyme Cardamom Tea! And of course, as a prominent lavender lover, I couldn’t ignore lavender tea! Hint: when peeling citrus fruit, don’t throw away its zest. Keep it refrigerated until enough peel is accumulated then slice it and dry in the oven at about 130 degrees C for about 30-40 minutes. That’s a delicious addition to your tea!

There’s only one rule – follow your intuition by playing with various combinations and adjusting flavours to your liking. Bonus: a delicious and cheap treat for a cold time packed with vitamin C.


Tangerine Thyme Cardamom Tea
Spiced Orange Maple Whisky Tea
Lavender lemon Tea
Grapefruit Mint Pink Peppercorn Tea
Blood Orange Thyme Tea

7 thoughts on “Citrus Tea Collection

  1. Marie says:

    What a great collection. I adore blood oranges and thyme is one of favourite herbs so that one has my name written all over it. I can imagine hosting a tea party with all of these.

  2. says:

    I’ve also noticed the daylight becoming longer here now too Ben. Which is good as I hate the dark and need as much light as possible. But until we get full daylight again you’ve given us here a wonderful collection of teas. Nice! I am a big lover of tea nad you’ve inspired me to try out some of these different combinations. Thanks!

  3. Laura says:

    I love all of these combinations, Ben! I would have a hard time deciding which, but the Grapefruit with pink peppercorns sounds really interesting! Thanks for the inspiration!

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