Chocolate Lavender Mint Sorbet

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This Chocolate Lavender Mint Sorbet is a delicious dessert for all chocolate and…lavender lovers!

How are you doing my friends? Are you sad or excited about this summer is gradually wrapping up? I kind of look forward to September, it’s usually a really nice and warm time in Ontario. Besides, we used to live in Russia, where (as in many other countries) fall officially starts on September 1st. I think it’s quite cool to consider the end of summer a few weeks later as per the Canadian, American, and some other country’s tradition. I mean, 3 extra summer weeks won’t hurt anyone, although technically you can feel the beginning of fall already.

However, I’m not ready for apples and pumpkins yet. I have started brainstorming on some apple ideas, but I haven’t done with melons, watermelons, and stone fruit.

Anyway, I have some unpublished summer recipes including pasta, salads, ice cream, and sorbet, so I promise you won’t see apple and pumpkin ideas until end of September on this blog. #Sorrynotsorry

Chocolate Lavender Mint Sorbet

This Chocolate Lavender Mint Sorbet is utterly decadent and luscious even though there’s no any cream or eggs in it. Chocolate sorbet ain’t uncommon thing so you might have tried it before. But I think the chances you have had chocolate and lavender together are rather small.

Indeed, chocolate and lavender are amazing friends, and I will not get tired saying this to you. Neither of them overpowers when they are together. Also, I infused this sorbet with fresh mint (specifically, chocolate mint) since it beautifully works with both chocolate and lavender. Truly sophisticated and delicate combo!

I cannot say this Chocolate Lavender Mint Sorbet is a healthy dessert (I don’t really trust ice cream which is healthy), still thanks for not adding heavy cream, I can say that being a decadent treat, this dessert is a little healthier than ice cream made with real cream and milk.

Lastly, definitely, all this chocolate will make you happy, very happy, and you know it’s so important to be happy. So happy chocolate sorbet, everyone!:)

14 thoughts on “Chocolate Lavender Mint Sorbet

  1. Deepika|TheLoveOfCakes says:

    I haven’t tried Chocolate and lavender together before but these tempting pictures are making me crave this interesting sorbet so much!! You come up with such amazing recipes Ben!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the apples and pumpkins :D

  2. karrie @ Tasty Ever After says:

    I’m not ready for summer to end because I know fall will be too quick and winter will be here before I know it! Maybe if you keep posting summer recipes, it will hold off fall and winter!!!! WOOOOHOOO! Chocolate mint is my favorite ice cream but never had in with lavender as a sorbet. Now I have to make this :)

  3. Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen says:

    We had very few days of full summer, which was not even equal to a month. So yes, I feel so sad that little summer is ending. But at the same time, I am really happy to see the early signs of spring. Every season has its own charm, isn’t it? I am sure that you would come up with many great recipe ideas for Autumn. I can’t deny that chocolate and lavender are one the best combo ever. And this sorbet looks insanely delish, Ben. These photos are beautiful.

  4. says:

    Ha ha, I’ve still got summer recipes I need to publish too Ben! I’m totally terrible at publishing recipes at certain times of the year when they are more appropriate, like pumpkin and apples now (although pumpkin really isn’t a big thing in the UK….). Don’t laugh or be surprised if I end up publishing a Christmas recipe in February! :-) You’ve got an intriguing flavour combination going on here. I can’t say I’ve tried chocolate and mint and lavender together. Yet…….. ;-)

  5. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    I’m very sad to see summer come to an end, but you know I am going to hold on until the very last second. And then I’ll probably still be eating like it’s summer anyways. ;) I was super curious when you said Russia starts fall September 1st, so I did a little google research. Is that a social start to fall (like how Americans start fall after Labor day even though it isn’t fall until September 22nd)?? Because the autumnal equinox isn’t until September 23rd in Russia… maybe you Russians just choose to ignore that fun fact? lol. Anywho, this sorbet looks amazing! You know I can’t eat it, because I’m allergic, but my husband would DEVOUR this in record time! And I’m glad you see you added your BFF lavender in here! ;) Cheers, buddy!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Margarita Fajita Chicken Kebabs {with pineapple aioli}My Profile

  6. David @ Spiced says:

    No apple recipes until the end of September? Say what!? We aren’t friends any more, Ben. Well, maybe we can be friends if you send me some of this sorbet. Yes? Ok, glad we have a deal there! I love the flavor combo you’ve got going on here, and I’ve gotta admit that I’m a bit intrigued by the lavender in this one. (Or maybe I’m just being nice so you’ll send me some sorbet…haha!)

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