Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes

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Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes. When no words are needed.

Humble Me

Hi, friends! I’m so pumped today because I’m sharing one of the most interesting recipes I’ve tried this year. Also, I’m absolutely proud of my work. Even though it’s still June, I believe these Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes will be among 5 best recipes I’ve shared of this year.

As you see, I’m still that old humble Ben you’ve known for a few years.

Last week I posted the recipe for these Chocolate Amaretto Mini Layer Cakes I made for my birthday. I also announced the second cake would be coming shortly. I even hinted that it would be about the L…R world.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have figured my puzzle out. That’s fine, though. I understand. That was a hard task. Indeed, what kind of connection would anyone see between me, this blog, and lavender?

These Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes turned out to be Andrey’s favorite. No wonder. If the Amaretto cakes being still delicious, had the more classic flavor, these guys were more sophisticated.

What was special about these cakes?

Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes

First if all, the biscuit which turned out super chocolate and moist, with a creamy, fudgy texture. I can compare it with good brownies. Look how silky they look! However, keep in mind if you’re not a fan of a fudgy kind of brownies, bake the cake for additional 5-7 minutes. It won’t be like a sponge cake, though.

Secondly, the tart and luscious blueberry curd perfectly balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate. I only partially strained the curd, so some berries were bursting in the mouth.

Lastly, this lavender cream cheese frosting was that mild, rich, and decadent bridge between all parts of the cakes. It perfectly balanced the rich chocolate biscuit and luscious curd. As the matter of fact, lavender and chocolate are great friends. Lavender goes well with blueberries too (Check this Coconut Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream).

Altogether, these flavors and textures make an elegant combination. That’s like an explosion!

I might not be fully satisfied with the way these Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes look, but as I always say, I don’t have enough skills, imagination, and patience to fabulously decorate cakes. Besides, there’s one good excuse I love to stick. In my book, homemade cakes have to be imperfect :)

However, I still tried to manage some kind of ombré decor by mixing curd and frosting. Failed I or not, you tell me. Just remember that too much truth may upset me, and I won’t ship you any of these delicious Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes :)

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes

  1. Gaila says:

    Ben!! are you still eating cake!! can you adopt me? I’ll do the dishes! These cakes are so pretty and look so rich at the same time! I have to do these at home, they will not be as pretty as yours I’m sure, but I’ll bet delicious any how! Have a great weekend!
    Gaila recently posted…Cocido Madrileño or simply cocidoMy Profile

  2. karrie @ Tasty Ever After says:

    I’m loving the back to back chocolate mini cake recipes!! My bday is next month and I need someone to make a platter of a bunch of these for me (with a fork). There is nothing better in the entire universe than a fudgy chocolate cake with chocolatey buttercream. I think I wished you a happy bday in the last post but if I didn’t, Happy Bday!! ;)
    karrie @ Tasty Ever After recently posted…Easy Herb Crusted Steak + Chimichurri with DorotMy Profile

  3. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    One of the FIVE BEST this year?! Get outta here. ;) Kidding! This LOOKS like it is one of the best things you’ve made this year! Plus you are featuring your best friend lavender, so it HAS to be absolutely delicious, right?! You know I’m allergic to cocoa, and I’m kicking myself right now for that! This cake looks soo decadent, Ben! And I just LOVE that it’s mini!! AND the combination of chocolate, lavender and blueberry sounds phenomenal! Cheers, bud!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Homemade Bacon, Bourbon & Brown Sugar Baked BeansMy Profile

  4. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    Oh my word Ben. These are some of the prettiest little cakes I’ve ever seen! And they sound so tasty! But I’d eat a cake made of cardboard if it had a little chocolate on top so I might be biased :). I’m loving the blueberry curd too. Fruit curds are just too good! Have a great weekend!

  5. Shashi at Savory Spin says:

    First things first – Ben – HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! I’m sorry I missed it – I have some catching up to do on your blog! Now – onto these Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Mini Layer Cakes – my heavens! These are GORGEOUS! But that’s not all – these sound so decadently delicious, my humble friend! Wow – that fudgy chocolate cake … that tart and luscious blueberry curd…and that stunning lavender cream cheese frosting!! I’m swooning over here! What a fantastic recipe this is Ben – I hope it tops your most popular recipes on here!

  6. David @ Spiced says:

    These cakes look so rich and delicious…even if they do include lavender. Haha! Funny story: Laura and I went out to eat the other night, and the restaurant had lavender creme brulee on the dessert menu. I seriously thought about you! In fact, you should just come down and eat that dessert…that way you can tell me whether it’s worth ordering next time we go. :-) Or perhaps you could show them how to make these mini cakes? I bet they would do well on the dessert menu! If you would like me to try them out, then just drop ’em in the mail to me. I’ll be honest!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Grilled Balsamic Chicken with Burst TomatoesMy Profile

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