Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream

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Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream |

I remember, at the beginning of July or so, I announced my plans on frozen desserts this summer. In particularly, I said I would be making mostly sorbet and light ice cream and just a few kinds of ice cream.

There’s my news, guys.

I’ve totally screwed up.

Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream |

3:2:1 at this point.

3 Ice cream. 2 sorbet. And one light ice cream.

And if you are still thinking I could fix that, this is an irreversible process. Because 5 other heavy cream recipes and only one light, with coconut milk, are to go.

On the other hand, I could be proud of myself for having made some good stuff. For example, this Gooseberry Ice Cream. Or this Peach Cardamom Ice Cream. And definitely this Coffee Walnut Cardamom Ice Cream. Remarkably, I haven’t made any lavender ice cream!

Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream |

Are you shocked?

Relax! I’ve made it twice. One, with a fabulous lavender earl grey flavor, was delicious, but I totally messed up the pictures! The second one you’re going to see soon. Promise you won’t miss it!

However, I’ve been trying to balance out making some ‘light’ ice cream, for instance, this Mango Coconut Ice Cream.

Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream |

Unfortunately, I haven’t got a great relationship with yogurt ice cream so far. I do love it, in fact. But I still consider the bought yogurt ice cream is better than homemade. I just haven’t found the perfect recipe yet. I don’t know how do they handle that, but the bought yogurt ice cream most of time has the perfect smooth consistency.

This Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream turned out to be quite good, though. I guess the key ingredient was the cream cheese introduced more velvety texture. I added some chocolate because ice cream with no chocolate is prohibited in our family. What about the cashews, they weren’t the perfect pick, in my book. Definitely, walnuts or pecans would have worked much better.

Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream |

But generally this Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream is rather a good option.

Especially, followed by normal ice cream:)

What about you, friends? Have you been enjoying ice cream this summer? What’s better – yogurt or cream frozen dessert? And most importantly, do you have a perfect yogurt ice cream recipe?

Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream |


13 thoughts on “Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Ice Cream

  1. Liz says:

    This looks really yummy. However, most store bought cherry chocolate ice cream is flavored with almond flavoring. If you want to add a nut, I suggest trying almonds instead of cashews.

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Interesting! I do love making ice cream around here (year-round!), but I almost always go with the cooked custard + heavy cream style. I’m intrigued by the yogurt here…and the cream cheese! Interesting idea, Ben! I’ve got a ton of flavor combos that I’d like to try with this style of ice cream now!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Maple Glazed Apple Pecan BreadMy Profile

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