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These luscious and sumptuous Chocolate Cherry Cups made of dark chocolate, marzipan, and glace cherries are delicious Christmas treats and beautiful edible gifts.


Being a food blogger, I have always loved the Christmas season.

First of all, it’s one of the most delicious seasons you can imagine. Cinnamon, ginger, oranges,  candy cane, and eggnog are pretty common flavors in many homes. Oh, how could I forget lavender, eh?

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Secondly, you can make a lot of cookies, and you won’t be judged. I know some people bake Christmas cookies almost every day in December. What could I say? Wow. That’s a bit too much for me, though.

Next, you can post 5 recipes for cookies and other treats in a row on your blogs, and no one would judge you. Because, it’s Christmas. People will be thankful for all those 38 cookie recipes. Believe me, they need them.

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Finally, Christmas time is that season when you can take some lovely pictures. Your Christmas tree, ornaments, lights, gift wraps could be the best Christmas backgrounds. You can try to catch Santa and ask him to pose with some Christmas cookies (Santa, cookies and milk would be the perfect scene).

However, this year compared to the previous years I’ve been rather moderate, and indeed, I’m happy about that. Besides, I said I’ve been moderate in cooking. There are still a lot of Christmas treats you can buy. I might or might have not done that a few times.

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Even though I’ve been making something delicious every weekend, I have managed to shoot just some of those things. For instance, I don’t have any decent pictures for that delicious chocolate bark with cranberries, pistachios, candied ginger, and citrus peels. I don’t have chocolate biscotti with lavender and white chocolate. Also, I wasn’t able to shoot that delicious chocolate cranberry Roulade because we were decorating our gingerbread houses (Yes, we made them!), and by the time we finished, the natural light had gone. I wasn’t able to photograph those cookies I made for our potluck at work either. When I finish them, it was around 1 a.m., and when I needed to leave home, it was about 7.30 a.m. – absolutely dark period of time.

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But I’m glad I can share with these delicious Chocolate Cherry Cups. They are so simple to make, but they look so festive. And all you need are just 3 ingredients – dark chocolate, marzipan, and cherries. Sounds great, eh?

As you may know, that was another Andrew’s pick. If you have missed this point, I’ll explain. This year I suggested Andrey choose some desserts which I might cook this December. So far, all recent Christmas recipes you’ve seen here were his picks.

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I had a funny story with the marzipan. I couldn’t find any pure marzipan while making grocery and grabbed the ones covered in chocolate. I decided I would just cut off the chocolate (or eat it haha). However, on the day I was making these Chocolate Cherry Cups, I found out it wasn’t a simple task – with that chocolate I shredded a good portion of the marzipan.

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That moment I decided to make my own from scratch. Where was that smart Ben’s version on the day of groceries? I had never made marzipan, but it turned out to be a very simple thing. You just need almond flour, powdered sugar, egg white, almond extract, and rose water. Besides, I substituted some powdered sugar with the extra almond flour and the marzipan turned not so sweet. But sure you can use bought marzipan.

We loved these decadent Chocolate Cherry Cups. With coffee, aromatic holiday tea, or just milk, they’re divine. And as I said, they could be a great gift too! I’m not sure Santa would appreciate them, but I’ve heard raindeers love marzipan and cherries:)

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10 thoughts on “Chocolate Cherry Cups

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    This is indeed the best season of the year! I love curling up by the fire (ok, it’s not cold enough for that this year…) with a good book. And cookies. Lots of Christmas cookies. But I might have to take a short break from the cookies to enjoy these chocolate cherry cups. What a fun idea! Merry Christmas!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Chocolate Snowball CookiesMy Profile

  2. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    Hahaha! I love this season too… because you can eat ALL the cookies, carbs, and cheesy delights and calories don’t count! :) Or at least they don’t count in my house! These chocolate cherry cups looks so pretty, Ben! Too bad I can’t eat them. Sad. BUT I know Boy will gobble these up! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, buddy! Cheers to you! <3
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Cranberry & White Chocolate Jumbo MuffinsMy Profile

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