Chicken, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese Pizza

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Chicken, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese  (2)

I adore the book “Three Men in a Boat” by the English writer Jerome K. Jerome. It’s just a hilarious book, in my book (haha sorry for playing with the words). When I was a boy, I would read it over and over, sure the translated version. Unfortunately, I haven’t read it for a long time.

Chicken, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese  (3)If you’re familiar with this humorous book, you probably know one episode with the cheese. I don’t remember all the details about those cheeses, but I do remember they were….mmm….”mellow”… ehhh…”sophisticated”….and….mmm…”peculiar”, with the strong overpowering penetrating flavors which made lives of the surrounded people unbearable. Finally, the characters managed to get rid of them, but the area they had buried the cheeses would earn a notorious reputation later on, for its refreshing air.  I was laughing a lot reading that portion of the book although I wasn’t any familiar with those kinds of cheeses.

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Why did I remember this story?

I like blue cheese! I cannot say I’m a huge gourmet distinguishing between their different kinds. Moreover, I don’t like really strong flavors – I prefer mild ones.

I love adding blue cheese in pasta, salads, polenta and on toasts. Indeed, I don’t need anything mentioned above to enjoy cheese:)

As for my Main Man, that’s the another story! For almost 10 years, he’s been stubbornly saying any blue cheese does sound obnoxious to him. Once, 5 years ago or so, I suggested him to try a meal with some blue cheese inside, and he got deeply offended. He told it was so gruesome to have even pronounced that “B-letter” word. I didn’t start that dialog for a while after that.

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I guess I made my next attempt just last year when I was going to make a Kobb salad – the version where blue cheese was added in the dressing. My attempt was futile, but surprisingly he agreed. Later, he would say he agreed on that salad only because the dressing could be easily discarded. Importantly, it wasn’t discarded at all. I was so shocked with such a reaction that decided to get this stone rolling and made Chicken, pine nuts, and blue cheese pasta shortly after. And that happened – he told it was quite good. I was so pumped that a few weeks later I would make pasta again! In fact, having finished the another meal, he kept on saying he had just been craving for any pasta. Whom was he kidding, right?

All right. I took a long pause – it’s essential to introduce a new product gradually, isn’t it? However, this year, in April, when I was planning on some pizza, I suggested to top one of them with chicken, mushrooms, and blue cheese, with almost no hope. But again, surprisingly, that did work.

Perhaps, I’m exaggerating, but that seemed to me he had gobbled this pizza up. Or I just wanna think this way?

Chicken, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese  (4)

That’s not necessary to depict how delish that pizza turned out (in my book) – you’re the smart guys! The combo of chicken, mushrooms, and blue cheese is a very hearty and earthy one. I think this pizza should be served with some succulent and better neutral greens, to accentuate these strong flavors – spinach is a good choice! As for blue cheese, there are no limitations – just choose whichever doesn’t bother you and your palate:)

Do you love blue cheese, folks? Are you fancy any strong flavors or you like the characters of the book, won’t ever take any cheese it a trip?

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10 thoughts on “Chicken, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese Pizza

  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    I happen to really adore blue cheese and I love the combination you have going on here with this pizza! This sounds fantastically earthy and meaty, minus the meat! I’m so glad you didn’t give up on your Beau, and that he is now opening his mind to the wonderful possiblilites and flavor of blue cheese! See, stubbornness can pay off! Another dish well done, my friend! Cheers!!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Garlic & Rosemary Chicken Skewers {with Lemon Aioli} #NSNThrill4UrGrillMy Profile

  2. Emanuele @ guyslovecooking says:

    I am Italian and I love blue cheese, also on pizza. The type we eat is gorgonzola, to die for. It has got, let’s say, a pretty distinctive smell and taste as you described 
    We love it and we put on basically everything that goes out the kitchen. Actually, that’s not true, just added a bit of drama ;)

    • Ben Maclain|Havocinthekitchen says:

      Yup, I remember the way gorgonzola smells and tastes. But let’s be honest – there are cheeses with mush more ehhh sophisticated flavor:) And I remember you concept – no waste. That’s why I would love to see you pizza and what kind of things could end up being in it!:)

  3. spicedblog says:

    Ah, blue cheese and I have a very short history. I didn’t like it for years and years. When I met my wife (who loves blue cheese, btw), she kept getting me to try it. And I kept not liking it. But then it all changed one day over some blue cheese dressing with hot wings. And now I love the stuff! I still can’t just take a big bite out of a hunk of blue cheese…but throw it on a pizza and I’ll gobble it up. Now if only I could find an awesome pizza recipe with blue cheese on it. Perhaps with some chicken and mushrooms, too. Haha! Looks delicious…perfect for weekend pizza nights!!
    spicedblog recently posted…Homemade Pita BreadMy Profile

    • Ben Maclain|Havocinthekitchen says:

      Haha, you’re hilarious, David! Perhaps not that hilarious as I am but anyways:) As for blue cheese and some other food – it just interesting how that happens. Just all of a sudden with no grounds. Or it’s the question of being prepared to try it? Hm….such a philosophical issue….

  4. KevinIsCooking says:

    I have never had Bleu cheese on a pizza, but would easily gobble this up in a heartbeat, no problem Ben! Sounds fantastic and I really like your thin crust there, perfect!

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