Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers

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Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers|

These Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers are perfectly delicious when served either hot or cold. However, I would rather grab a pepper from the fridge right now.

Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers|

Lies, Ben, lies.  I would rather grab some ice cream or sorbet. It’s been outrageously hot recently. Unbearably hot.

It all started last Tuesday when the heat jumped to 25 degrees or so. That may not sound that bad, but trust me, it was quite bad. For a couple of weeks I’ve been walking from my work to a bus station, and so far I have been really enjoying my walks. Just for the record: “walking to a bus station” does not mean a 5-minute stroll – this way is about over 5 kilometers and takes an hour.

So, that really was an enjoyable and breathtaking walk (heard sarcasm here?) Somehow I did not get a bottle of water, so the last 15 minutes I felt like a walking dead. The only one thing that cheered me up was the supermarket where I could stop and chill a bit (And, perhaps, buy some ice cream).

But I am a smart guy (sometimes) which is why I’ve adjusted my schedule having this walk in the morning now. That’s not so hot. Besides, there are almost no pedestrians on my way that early which is a great advantage too.

But it’s still bad. Last Saturday we needed to run some errands, and even though I like being outside, that day I told I would not leave the car for a long distance walks.  It was 30 degrees, and with the characteristic of the Ontario climate, it felt like 40.

But do not you worry, guys. I made these scrumptious Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers a few weeks back when it wasn’t that hot and I wasn’t suffering while cooking.

It’s a simple yet hearty and delicious combo. Indeed, although most of the time I decide what I am going to put in a dish, this time I generously allowed Andrey to pick. He likes to keep things simple. So he suggested to nicely chop the chicken and sauté it with the mushrooms, a little of oil, garlic, herbs and spices. Plus, he wanted some goat cheese on the top. That was a good deal if you ask me: classy but still elegant.

The only one thing I was concerned about while making them that I won’t have enough stuffing for all peppers (Sometimes it’s hard to figure out that). Thus, I prepared some couscous to mix a part of the stuffing if necessary. Surprisingly, everything was fine, and I didn’t need to incorporate the couscous. That could have been delicious too!

Yes, it might be a bit hot to make these tasty Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers right now, so I am okay if you try them once it’s slightly cooler. But if you’re bold, don’t postpone and go in the kitchen right away.

What’s your favorite veggie to stuff?

And please turn the heat off!

Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers|
Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers|
Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers|

5 thoughts on “Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Peppers

  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    It hasn’t been too awfully hot here yet, but it has been unbearably rainy. Like, the weather here stinks and it’s totally cramping my style! While I’m with you in wanting to reach in the freezer for sorbet or ice cream, I need a little substance first, so these peppers are perfect! Stuffed sweet peppers remind me of growing up, so these are sending me all sorts of cozy vibes! Just delicious, buddy! Cheers!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Balsamic & Honey Chicken Skewers {with Strawberry-Kiwi Salsa}My Profile

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Tell me about it, Ben! It was so hot this past weekend…where did that come from?? I felt like I was back in the deep south. But let’s talk peppers. These stuffed peppers look amazing! I’m a big fan smoked paprika + goat cheese, so the fact that you included both in here is perfect. I think I need these stuffed peppers to show up on my dinner plate tonight. Can you send a shipment down my way please? Stay cool, my friend!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Sundried Tomato and Gorgonzola BurgersMy Profile

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