Chicken Liver Berry Salad

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Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

Indeed, I was going to post another dessert today, ice cream or dessert soup.

But then I realized that would be four desserts in a row. That’s not acceptable at all. You might have got it twisted having though we’re eating ice cream 24/7. That’s not true.

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

And I’m going to prove this today.

But first, I should apologize right away because I’m not going to be talking about beautiful foods with an impeccable reputation. Unfortunately, a chicken liver (basically any other as well) doesn’t get good. All right, I may be mistaken. But I’ve seen 70% people being disgusted with an idea to eat some liver.

I call this “yuck reaction”.

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

Such a shame, guys! Definitely, a chicken liver doesn’t look extremely appetizing but once nicely cooked and spruced up, it’s scrumptious. Let’s talk about the ways to spruce it up, briefly.

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

First of all, don’t overcook liver. Sure, I occasionally saute liver for a while to have a hearty winter meal. Just imagine – liver (or liver mixed with hearts) sauteed in sour cream, with loads of leek and herbs. How does that sound now? But basically, that’s a quick process wich takes just a few minutes. You should get it seared from the outside but still lovely and slightly rosy from the inside. Sure, that won’t be a huge crime if you cook it a bit longer. Okay, that would be. But I don’t report on you.

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

By the way, whom should I address my reports? Just asking, for any case.

Secondly, balance the distinctive liver flavor by adding other strong flavors. Pomegranate juice, balsamic vinegar, bacon, herbs, and some spices are the best friends. Just imagine: simple salad with livers, smoky crispy bacon, and toasted walnuts! Sprinkle it with some pomegranate kernels if desired. Or sauteed liver with bell peppers, mustard, and thyme? Mix it with citruses and arugula to have a lovely light salad!

And don’t forget alcohol! If you still don’t like liver, alcohol may be the key to your success! Hmmm….did that sound like a sect talk?

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

But the bottom line is alcohol is the best friend. I’ve been incorporating some of them, but the most successful attempts were with whiskey, bourbon, and cognac. Generously drizzle chicken livers while cooking with some alcohol, and your salad would be a winner! Or as I said one day, add it in a dressing.

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

And lastly, don’t forget there are other options such as chicken pate. Indeed, I haven’t made it for almost 3 years, and I’ve got to make a few scrumptious versions soon. The idea of incorporating other flavors works here as well. For instance, I’ve used sage, thyme, prunes, white wine, cognac, and whiskey.

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |

Talking about this salad, it’s quite simple. And I didn’t add any alcohol. Shame on me. But this Chicken Liver Berry Salad, with sunflower seeds and edible flowers, is good on its own. I won’t report on you if you use some whiskey, though.

Do you like chicken liver, my friends? What’s your favorite liver dish? And the most important thing, when are you going to have alcohol added?:)

Chicken Liver Berry Salad |






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  1. David @ Spiced says:

    Hmmm…I’m loving the berry addition to this salad, Ben. But I just can’t behind the liver. Count me solidly in that 70% of people! I have indeed tried liver, though…and it still grosses me out. But replace that liver with some chicken breast, and I’d be on board. Your salad still looks incredible, though! (But this time, I’ll let you keep the leftovers…haha!)
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