Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie

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Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie|

This juicy, delicious, and flavourful Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie is the perfect comfort meal for the chilly winter nights.

Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie (1)

Sure I’ve promised to post some healthy food for the next few weeks. I remember that. And I fully acknowledge that this meal isn’t a salad. On the other hand, it’s not a dessert either. Do you see this progress?

Besides, this Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie was made last October. You might have figured out that by those fall props. I mean, won’t be it just ridiculous to wait few months more and post in May, eh?

But I’ve got a very serious question for you, folks. Do you like going to the restaurants? Not once in a while, but regularly, like few times in a month?

Let me answer to this question too, please.

Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie|

Not really. Sure, we still eat out now and again. Usually, that happens while traveling. Food is a significant part of culture and history so we try not to miss some authentical local foods. Moreover, we don’t usually travel with an oven so we simply do not have a choice.

However, stopping by the Torontonian places is rather a rare occasion.

Being a food blogger, I want to make so many interesting things while having so little time (And apparently just one stomach. Sometimes I wish I were like Alf who happened to have the nine stomachs and importantly happened to be always in shape. In his kind of shape).

Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie|

But the most important issue, I am a skeptical guy. I hardly can relax and enjoy usually a delicious meal. I always need to scrutinize the dish.

Not enough seasoning. Too bland. Too much seasoning. If I had made this pasta, I would have added these herbs. Overcooked. Undercooked. Quite okay, but I would have made better. That’s delicious, but it’s not worth those 30 dollars.

Well, any familiar thoughts?

Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie|

Indeed, money is another issue. I don’t mean we don’t like spending them. But I don’t like spending them on some mediocre food. We don’t really stop by fancy restaurants with the sophisticated menus yet (which I believe could impress me once we try their food).

But paying 25$ for what you can make at home for 10$? 12-15$ for a green salad? 15 dollars for noodles? Sorry guys, but I can make all these things at home. Not only won’t I spend 30 dollars for 2 servings (Not to mentions the taxes and tips), but also I am able to take some pictures and write a recipe on the blog. And all these things can be done while staying at home. Awesome, isn’t it?

Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie|

However, a restaurant is quite a cool place anyways.

For instance, while waiting for your food, you can eat the delicious bread (Sure with butter).

Or you can enjoy reading a menu. By enjoying, I mean looking for some lovely ideas. What? Aren’t those menus made for this purpose? Plus, you need to kill the time while waiting for your order #noguitatall

Last September we stopped by one lovely town in Ontario and decided to finish this trip with a dinner. Looking for the meal which would catch my attention, I found a few interesting twists on a classic Shepherd’s Pie. If I’m not mistaken, I took a pulled pork Shepherd’s Pie and noticed a version with hearts and kidneys.

Few weeks later I decided to make Sweet Potato Turkey Shepherd’s Pie. For a record, it wasn’t on that menu.  Just a little later I incorporated some offal and made this scrumptious Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie. I know, a lot of people just cannot stand hearts and livers. For those who love this stuff, this Shepherd’s Pie would be a great choice.

Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie|

Cooked for over an hour in a delicious sauce, the livers, hearts and gizzards are delicate and nice. Just imagine this mixture of the offal, green peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, rosemary, smoked paprika, and garlic covered with a fluffy creamy potato layer?


I don’t know what about you, but I urgently need to go to the kitchen. To grab my green smoothie. Nothing bad.

And you should go in your kitchen and make this Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie. If you don’t like any offal, then still go to the kitchen and make a Shepherd’s Pie of your choice. And remember, it’s better that a dessert.

Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie|






15 thoughts on “Chicken Livers and Hearts Shepherd’s Pie

  1. K says:

    Just made this with only chicken hearts as the meat. Decided to mash up the meat a bit with an immersion blender before adding the peas to make it a little less rubbery. I’ll see how it turns out! Smells delicious :)

  2. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    Boy and I occasionally eat at restaurants, normally for a special occasion or if we go into the city (all of them are about an hour away). But other than that, we are like you, cook at home. #greatminds. Anyways, loving this unusual shepherds pie, Ben! I’m a huge fan of chicken liver, but I’ve never had hearts before. Guess I should give it a try… besides how bad can it be when it’s smothered with mashed potatoes?! ;) cheers, buddy!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Spaghetti Squash Boats alla Vodka {with sausage, kale & pine nuts}My Profile

  3. mimi says:

    No smoothies for me, I’m just trying to eat normal portions, which is no fun at all. 9 stomachs sounds wonderful. Or bulimia. No, kidding. If we go out, it’s only to give me a break, and to meet with friends. Maybe if we actually had good restaurants where we live we’d go out for the actual food. So like you, when we travel, it’s all about the food, which is why I gain ten pounds on every damn vacation. Good looking shepherd’s pie!!!
    mimi recently posted…Luxurious Short RibsMy Profile

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    We do enjoy going out to eat occasionally, but we often feel the same way. We can make the same food (if not better) at home for cheaper. But it’s nice to go out and not have to make food and then clean the dishes, ya know? So I’m all about some shepherd’s pie, but you can keep the hearts, gizzards, lizards, livers and all that other stuff. Still looks delicious, though, Ben! :-)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Chocolate Peanut Butter CookiesMy Profile

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