Chestnut Onion Soup

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This hearty and delicious Chestnut Onion Soup is a twist on a traditional French onion soup which sweetness is accentuated with natural sweetness of chestnuts. It is also toped with crispy bacon and rosemary. Irresistible delicious!

Hello everyone. How are things going? How has January been treating you? Feeling enthusiastic and energized or not accomplishing a lot due to the cold and dark situation outside? I started 2020 off on a positive note and full of energy. However, this week I’ve been struggling a little bit as I am being tired and sleepy all the time. I guess the answer might be rapidly and often changing weather. I am not complaining though. I’ve just checked that many people in the office feel the same this week, so it makes sense. That’s January, after all. On a positive note: the days are visually getting longer!

Anyway, if it’s cold outside in your area, may I suggest this Chestnut Onion Soup? Rodica Godlewski shared this wonderful idea on her Instagram feed and blog last year. You may recall that last November and December I posted 3 chestnut soup ideas for the holiday season. When I saw her idea, I immediately wanted to give it a try. However, it was the middle of December, and I had finished developing the seasonal recipes. Decision? I made this soup a week before Christmas, but I simply styled it as the recipe for post-holiday time. Smart, right?

I adjusted the recipe to my liking (Mostly, used more onions), but please feel free to use the original Rodica’s idea. What’s spectacular about this Chestnut Onion Soup? A quick answer: everything! Need a more detailed answer? Let’s see.

  • A lot of onions, leeks, and garlic sautéed in the combination of butter and bacon fat with a touch of balsamic, for an extra sweetness;
  • Naturally sweet chestnuts;
  • Crispy bacon and rosemary for a topping;
  • Smoked paprika and thyme for more savoury notes;
  • Some extra butter and cream, for an indulgent version;
  • Optional: grilled cheese or toasts with melted cheese on top.

Clearly, not the healthiest recipe some may enjoy after the holidays. On the other hand, what could be better on a cold dark day/night than a bowl of this Chestnut Onion Soup served with some toasted bread? Certainly, you can make it way healthier by omitting the cream and bacon parts, but why would you do that? January is a challenging month on its own, so please don’t be too harsh on yourself!

Cheers and see you soon.

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  1. David @ Spiced says:

    Well I do love french onion soup, so I’m totally intrigued by the addition of chestnuts here. Chestnuts aren’t used nearly enough! We’re in full-on soup mode for weekday lunches around here, and we’ve been making a different batch of soup each week. I’d love to see this one in the rotation! You can send me a pot of it, yes?
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