Cherry Walnut Cheddar Biscuits

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These soft and delicious Cherry Walnut Cheddar Biscuits are my farewell to the cherry season.

Cherry Season

Yes, unfortunately, all good things tend to end. Like a vacation, your favorite ice cream, or cherry season.

As I mentioned in my last post, the price for cherry has dramatically gone up. Perhaps, I’m being a little dramatic. You can still find some good cherries for a very decent price; however, it ain’t good enough to use them in cooking.

Besides – I guess I’m about to say a horrible thing you won’t understand – I think I’ve eaten enough cherries this summer to satisfy my cravings. I know, sounds odd. Who would ever get tired of eating cherries, eh? Normally, it’s not my case.

On the other hand, I doubt this. I’m fully enjoying lots of watermelons now, and I’m just not sure I have enough space in my stomach for all the food (Remember ALF? That cute red-haired dude had 8 or 9 stomachs. Sometimes I envy him).

Also, there’s nothing to regret about. When I shared the very first cherry recipe this summer, I said making and posting at least 4 more ideas would be fantastic. I did 7. Not bad, Ben! And I’m talking only about the food which got a chance to be photographed and published here.

So, let’s imagine these Cherry Walnut Cheddar Biscuits is the last cherry recipe this season (If anything happens, I will just have “another last” or “the very last” recipe).

Cherry Walnut Cheddar Biscuits

As some of you might remember, I’ve been enjoying sweet&savory kind of cookies this year. Indeed, I haven’t determined the appropriate name for them. Sometimes I call them cookies, sometimes biscuits. Either way, these sweet&savory creations are delicious.

A few weeks ago I thought that would be great to incorporate either fresh strawberries or cherries in cheese cookies. As you see, I opted for cherries, and today I’m sharing the recipe for these
Cherry Walnut Cheddar Biscuits with you. On a side note, I think the combo of strawberry and smoked cheddar is palatable too, so I might try it one day.

Cherry Walnut Cheddar Biscuits turned out delicious. Soft inside but chewy and slightly crispy on outside, herbaceous, and cheesy. What not to love about them?

But I’ll be honest with you. I anticipated a more fabulous result. Delicious? Definitely. Sensationally good? Mmm, I’ve had savory cookies tasted better.

The dough on its own was delicious, buttery and well seasoned. The thing is that the baked cherries, although they were sweet and ripe, turned a little bland.

I believe dried cherries would work much better in this recipe. They should give a burst of flavor (Or is it just another your wrong expectation, Ben?). Yes, I’m definitely trying this recipe with dried cherries later on.

Anyway, although these savory cookies/biscuits might not be the most scrumptious I’ve made, this recipe is a good way to wrap the cherry season up. Or if you haven’t even started it, I hope these biscuits become the first cherry recipe this summer for you.


11 thoughts on “Cherry Walnut Cheddar Biscuits

  1. Marissa says:

    Wow, that’s an impressive amount of cherry recipes, Ben! And this one looks like a texture and flavor winner! I love how creative you are…Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  2. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    Haha! Ben, you crack me up. My sister and I loved Alf–we though he was soooo cute. I’d forgotten how many stomachs he had :). I’m sad about cherry season coming to an end too. But at least we still have frozen cherries, which are one of my favorite snacks. These biscuits sound phenomenal! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    7 cherry recipes? Not too shabby at all, Ben! So I’ve never thought about combining cherries with cheddar, but I could see how the bit of sweetness in a buttery, cheddar-y biscuit would work. (And I completely support the smoked cheddar idea here! Smoked cheeses are one of my all-time favorites!) I’m sad to hear you speak of the end of cherry season, but alas, that means we can turn our attention to Fall flavors like apples and pumpkins and turkeys, right? (What? Turkeys aren’t a Fall flavor in Canada? They should be. Haha!) Well done on these biscuits, my friend!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Classic Blueberry SconesMy Profile

  4. says:

    As I’m working away from home at the moment Ben, I’m not able to try out any of your creations. I will totally give you the credit though that your last cherry recipe had me hankering after cherries. All I could get were dried ones though. And, because I’m currently chewing my way through these really sweet dry cherries, I would think they would be perfect with the cheddar as you mention in your recipe as opposed to the fresh ones. Have a great weekend, I’m looking forward to seeing what creations you come up with next!

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