Cherry Prosciutto Naan Pizza

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Cherry Prosciutto Naan Pizza

This scrumptious Cherry Prosciutto Naan Pizza with herbaceous cream cheese and smoked cheese is a delicious and quick way to fix your pizza craving in summer.

Cherry Prosciutto Naan Pizza

This recipe was originally published in July 2018. I have taken and updated photos while the recipe and blog post remain unchanged.


Ouch. Sorry for being rude. I must have lost my manners. Hello, everyone!


The unbearable heat wave and extream humidity are back in Halifax, and it’s not going to be enjoyable for the next couple of days. I know what you are about to say. “Ben, it’s outrageously hot, and you have brought this Cherry Prosciutto Naan Pizza? Bring in some ice cream or lemonade instead!”

I am telling you – this heat isn’t beneficial for my thinking abilities. But if seriously, I have had quite a few cherry ideas to share with you, and I want to do this until the cherry season is over #sadface

If you ask Andrey, he will certainly answer that a flatbread pizza doesn’t belong to this category. It’s a delicious hot sandwich, and that’s it. He doesn’t refuse to eat a flatbread pizza though, especially if “suspicious” (examples: fruit and berries, lavender, or blue cheese) ingredients are not involved. But he refuses to call it a pizza (or even a flatbread pizza). He does belong to an old school.

If you ask me, my answer will be straightforward. You cannot even compare a traditional pizza (with a delicious chewy semolina crust) with any flatbread pizza. They are different worlds. Period.

However, a flatbread pizza is an amazing alternative to a traditional pizza in many situations. Feel lazy? Too hot to knead and stretch the dough? Don’t have enough time? Have a need for a quick pizza craving fix? Name it!

Also, a flatbread pizza can be pretty fancy like this Cherry Prosciutto Naan Pizza. It only combines a couple of ingredients such as cream cheese, cherries, prosciutto, smoked cheddar, and smoked mozzarella, but it tastes phenomenally good. You will also need to turn your oven for only about 7-9 minutes. I think you can deal with that even on a sweltering summer day.

Cheers until next post.

(In a meanwhile, I am going to edit photos to another ice cream recipe. It must feel so refreshing).

6 thoughts on “Cherry Prosciutto Naan Pizza

  1. says:

    Whenever I read through recipes Ben, I’m always tasting each of the ingredients in my mouth. Imagining what they are like being mixed together. Your combinations always go together. I can see the sweet cherries pairing perfectly with the cheese here and especially the grated smoked cheddar! And on top of a Naan, that’s utterly delivcious! Hope you are able to cool down with editing those ice cream phoiographs!

  2. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I totally agree! Flatbread pizza, while not actual pizza, is delicious in its own right. And who could ever complain about toppings and bread? Not I! This one looks delicious! I’m sorry the heat is getting to you and hope it cools off soon :)

  3. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    Both are still preeeeetty delish! I happen to love sweet/salty, sweet/savoury combos so this cherry prosciutto combo is totally calling my name….and I actually have both in our fridge! How delicious would this be on Friday night with a glass of vino? YUM!

  4. Katherine | Love In My Oven says:

    I totally agree – they do belong in different worlds!! Loving that you used cherries – great way to use that in-season fruit. My sister-in-law just brought me a bag of them from Kelowna!! I can’t wait to throw them onto a piece of naan like you!!

  5. David @ Spiced says:

    I agree with you (and Andrey) and pizzas! Flatbread pizzas and traditional pizzas belong in different worlds. Both are delicious, but both are very different. Flatbread pizzas are perfect for a quick meal, and you still have a blank canvas that you can decorate as you please. Speaking of decorating, I’m totally on board with the smoked mozzarella + prosciutto combination you have here…sounds delicious, Ben! It might even make me forget about how humid it is outside lately. Haha!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Frozen Strawberry LemonadeMy Profile

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