Cherry Chicken Prosciutto Salad

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Sweet succulent cherries, roasted chicken, salty prosciutto, and delicate goat cheese combined in this Cherry Chicken Prosciutto Salad. The refreshing dressing with mixed berries, herbs, and whiskey, makes this summer plate complete.

This recipe was originally published in August 2018. I have taken and uploaded new images and slightly improved the recipe, but the blogpost itself remains the same.

Cherry Chicken Prosciutto Salad

Hello, my friends. I hope you are doing well. Well, I have heard that many parts of North America and Europe have been badly affected by heatwaves. I hope this refreshing and delicious salad might help to cool you down a bit.

Fun fact. This salad could have been named Cherry Peach Chicken Prosciutto Salad. However, when I finished photographing it, I realized I had forgotten to put peaches. You know that peaches must be the key ingredient in a cherry peach salad. At least I didn’t forget to add the whiskey in that dressing!

Sad fact. It’s been unbearably hot here for over the week. We don’t expect any changes for a while. There was a little relief yesterday, but then “Boom!”, and here we go again. Can I please hibernate until September (I will regularly wake up to absorb more ice cream)?

Also, I’ve been a bad food blogger. While I manage (somehow!) my blog posts twice per week, I haven’t been strong enough to visit most of your new (amazing!) recipes for a couple of days. I open the Bloglovin’ app every night, glance, and…close it hoping that there would be not so unbearably hot next time. But I have a feeling that you have felt the same way lately, haven’t you?

Brain status: dormant!

I am going to be strong and visit at least one or two blogs every day, though. Also, next week I’m posting the only one recipe as it’s awesome, and it deserves to be the star for the entire week. Thus, I will have more time to catch up with reading. Just don’t post every day, please :)

This Cherry Chicken Prosciutto Salad with a luscious boozy berry whiskey dressing is a delicious way to farewell the cherry season. While you can still find some decent cherries in Nova Scotia, their cost is far from being decent. So I believe, I am wrapping up my cherry season this year. That’s all right, though. I am excited about the watermelon season, and they’re still plenty of seasonal stone fruit. And ice cream. Watermelons, light salads, and ice cream are my methods to survive.

How do you fight this heat?

Have you ever forgotten to put an ingredient you originally planned to add?

Cheers for now.

5 thoughts on “Cherry Chicken Prosciutto Salad

  1. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I love that there’s whiskey in the dressing–that’s an ingredient I don’t see often in salads but it seems like a delicious addition! It’s been hot here, too, but I don’t think that will end any time soon. Eating plenty of ice cream seems like an excellent way to cool off :)

  2. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    It’s been crazy hot here too, but before you know it we will be smack dab in the midst of winter, so I try to grin and bear it! Besides, hot weather means we get to eat all the beautiful, fresh salad like this one! Seriously, Ben, this salad is a looker! And you just KNOW I’m loving that boozy berry whiskey dressing!!! I mean, I could legit probably bathe in that! ;) Can’t wait to see what you have in store next week! Cheers, buddy!

  3. says:

    My eyes backed up when I read that the refreshing dressing had whiskey in it Ben! Ha ha! It must be the Scotsman in me. Of course we would spell it “whisky”. Which is the correct way. He he! Yes, even us here in Scotland have had something of a heat wave so I appreciate you posting this cooling salad for us. And the addition of whisky in the dressing. That gets my full approval! :-)

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    I agree that it’s been crazy hot lately, and my brain is going dormant, too. I’ve realized I just have no gumption lately. But the change in the temperature that’s coming soon will re-energize me. I just don’t want winter to get here either! Basically can we just have Fall all year round?? :-) So I had to laugh at your comment about the peaches. I woke up early last Sunday morning and thought I’d surprise everyone with homemade blueberry muffins. So I made the muffins. They looked a little odd, but I just shrugged it off. Then one bite and I was like “yuck!” I realized I totally left out the sugar. I got it out of the pantry and all…just forgot to put it in. But your salad still looks delicious even without the peaches!
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