Cheddar Brie Cranberry Thumbprint Biscuits

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Buttery and crumbly dough, rich brie, tart cranberry filling, and aromatic rosemary meet together in these Cheddar Brie Cranberry Thumbprint Biscuits. These festive sweet&savory treats are perfect for the Christmas season.

Cheddar Brie Cranberry Thumbprint Biscuits

Hello everyone!

I would also like to welcome our American friends who celebrated Thanksgiving just a couple of days ago. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed some festive food (Can you still breathe?) Any turkey leftovers by any chance? If you happen to have some, you might consider making this delicious Turkey Cranberry Brie Flatbread. If you’ve already handled turkey leftovers, there’s no reason to be upset. I’ve brought you another lovely sweet&savary Christmas idea.

If you have been following my blog for some time, you might remember I have shared some sweet&savory cookies (biscuits). Also, you may remember that every time I shared those recipes, I indeed wasn’t confident about how to properly classify these creations. I tend to call them cookies even though I acknowledge the fact this might be confusing: most people associate cookies with something sweet. On the other hand, biscuits are something which is associated with gravy to me. There are also crackers but thank you. Nope.

I think I’ve finally made my decision. I am going to name these creations biscuits. While biscuits are often those fluffy things (Which resemble scones), this term is also a bit vague. It’s used for a variety of baked products, either sweet and savory, so I believe it’s a good way to describe these delicious things. I know what you may be thinking, “Ben, no matter how you name this, the most important thing is that that’s delicious!” I totally agree with you folks but as a food blogger, I believe recipe names shouldn’t confuse people.

Anyway, sorry for this boring intro. Let’s back to our festive mood and these Cheddar Brie Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies…I mean Biscuits. Basically, this idea was born from other recipes I have earlier created for you: these Cheddar Cranberry Walnut Rosemary BiscuitsBrie Lingonberry Jam Crostini, Cheese Lingonberry Jam Linzer Cookies, and above-mentioned flatbread. Yes, I am a very boring person with a lack of imaginations (Here I’d like to hear some compliments saying I’m wrong please haha), and I can play with a couple of same ingredients over and over again.

Despite the fact there were similar ideas featuring cranberries and brie before, I think these Cheddar Brie Cranberry Thumbprint Biscuits being another great twist on sweet&savory Christmas appetizers. They are buttery, rich, festive, and so delicious. Your family will appreciate some along with traditional Christmas cookies. Besides, Santa might be sick and tired of classic sweet cookies, and he won’t mind some change this year.

Cheers for now!

7 thoughts on “Cheddar Brie Cranberry Thumbprint Biscuits

  1. Laura says:

    Ben, I’ve been looking for a recipe for “savory cookies” or “biscuits” and this one looks so delicious! I love the cranberry too! And, on the contrary, you are so creative with all your recipes! I don’t mind seeing ingredients repeated, since you use them in such unique ways, and because they are among my favorites, too!

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    I agree that the biscuit vs. cookie naming can be confusing. I’m ok with biscuits here. Or mini-scones. (Although scones would make me think these would be for breakfast.) Either way, I love the flavors here, Ben! Cranberry + brie is a classic combo, and I love how you turned this into a fun baked dish! Happy Holidays, my friend!
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