Berry Lavender Risotto

This Berry Lavender Risotto is a bold twist on a famous Italian recipe combining fresh berries and a subtle botanical flavour. It’s more a dessert kind of recipe similar to a rice pudding.

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Blackberry Lavender Pasta

Blackberry Lavender Pasta |

First of all, I should apologize, my dear Italian friends! You might not have been shocked with my previous sweet pasta such as Fig Pasta and Peach Pasta. But this Blackberry Lavender Pasta may sound like an offensive joke on famous Italian cuisine.

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Peach Raspberry Basil Pasta

Peach Raspberry Basil Pasta |

Hello, my friends!

First of all, you might be surprised by this caption. I mean few years back I would have been surprised to see a recipe for sweet pasta too. But I’m getting older and wiser.

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