Waffle Tubes (Trubochki)

Waffle Tubes (Trubochki)

These Waffle Tubes (Trubochki) filled with dulce de leche (or any other filling of your choice!) are another delicious and nostalgic recipe from my childhood.

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Dressed Herring Salad

This Dressed Herring Salad is a delicious traditional Russian dish; a staple of the winter holidays season!

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Eggplant Caviar

Eggplant Caviar (“Ikra” in Russian; literal meaning: “caviar”) is another staple of Russian cuisine. That’s a wonderfully delicious vegetable spread which is perfect for late summer and early fall.

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Zucchini Caviar

This Zucchini Caviar is a staple of Russian cuisine; that’s a delicious vegetable spread made of zucchinis, tomatoes, carrots, and other tasty ingredients.

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Dulce de Leche Honey Cake

This Dulce de Leche Honey Cake is another twist on classic Russian honey layer cake “Medovik”. The warm honey notes and buttery dulce de leche frosting is an irresistibly delicious concoction.

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