Beetroot Sweet Potato Hash

Beetroot Sweet Potato Hash with onions, garlic, and thyme is simple yet very delicious and bright – a great way to eat some vegetables!

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Potato Mushroom Hash

Potato Mushroom Hash|

It might be warm and nice outside. Perhaps, it’s the right time to start making some delightful and bright salads. But there’s always some place for a hearty and comfort potato hash, or specifically, Potato Mushroom Hash.

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Smoked Salmon Sweet Potato Hash

Smoked Salmon Sweet Potato Hash|

With this delicious Smoked Salmon Sweet Potato Hash, I’d love to invite you to celebrate my blog’s anniversary!

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Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Hash |

Have you ever had that embarrassing situation when you had the pictures and recipe to share with, but you couldn’t come up with an idea for your post? I mean it’s always a way to write something like: “Hello, World! Let me introduce to you a stunning dish. Pudding – Alice. Alice – Pudding“, and so on. That could work out indeed. But I’ll reserve this ploy for those sad days I run out any decent ideas at all.

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