Easy Easter Popcorn

Easy Easter Popcorn

With Easter approaching quickly, Daisy and I are presenting this Easy Easter Popcorn loaded with mini chocolate eggs. Super easy to make – fun to enjoy!

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Dulce De Leche Rice Treats

These Dulce De Leche Rice Treats are a luscious, soft and sticky dessert that is super easy to make.

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Russian Mini Cakes “Potatoes”

These Russian Mini Cakes “Potatoes” are the staple recipe of the Soviet and Russian cuisine. It’s extremely easy to make it with just a few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

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Chocolate Salami

Sometimes all we need is a simple but delicious dessert. Preferably with chocolate. For such occasions, this Chocolate Salami is an answer.

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Gingerbread White Chocolate Fudge

This Gingerbread White Chocolate Fudge brings a fabulous flavor of your favorite cookies…in a fudge form.

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