Lavender Marshmallows

Lavender MarshmallowsIt’s interesting how your love for a particular cuisine, dish or ingredient could develop throughout your life. You might have hated something being a child but have felt in love with that later on. I’ve known a few people would gobble up some food in their childhood but abhor it having grown up.

There is another story. You might not have thought about something in the past, but all of a sudden you bumped into that gave it a try and started to love or if you’re lucky enough, to be obsessed. Exactly this happened to me a few years ago.

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Maple Syrup Marshmallows

Maple Syrup Marshmallows

Ladies and Gentlemen!

You’ve been waiting for this historic day for ages for a few days.

You’ve been intrigued. You’ve been that excited that you’ve probably (and hopefully) lost sleep over it.

You’ve been thinking and thinking over trying to guess what kind of a new kick I am having now. Perhaps, you can’t believe my donut love is over, and I am not suffering from this donut-addiction.

I am not. But I do have a new kick – on homemade marshmallows!

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