Lavender Rose Marshmallows

Lavender Rose Marshmallows|

Delicate floral flavors combined in these delicious airy Lavender Rose Marshmallows.

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Rose Water Marshmallows

Rose Water Marshmallows|

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, these delicious pillowy pinky Rose Water Marshmallows could be your romantic treat.

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Pumpkin Marshmallows

Pumpkin Marshmallows|

It’s almost end of November which means many food bloggers will be posting their Christmas recipes soon. Really soon. Just right after this Thanksgiving. Or even earlier. I’ve already seen some of them.

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Baileys Marshmallows

Bailys Marshmallows (6) - копия

We’re that kind of guys who are rather indifferent to alcohol. I mean we love to have a glass of wine, but we’re totally fine not having it for a long time as well.

I don’t like any strong drinks. I use whiskey or brandy only in cooking and rum in alcoholic cocktails. As for vodka, I can’t even stand the way it smells and tastes (As the family story says, being 3-year-old or so boy, I by a mistake drank a small glass of vodka and after that in no time felt asleep for a number of hours. I guess that was the time I already figured out that wasn’t the drink of my dreams at all). Once, being an adult, I tried some vodka produced in Finland, with different flavors from strawberry to peppermint, and that was even worse (no offense, Finland! You produce awesome chocolate and ice cream!)

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