Cranberry Rosemary Madeleines

Cranberry Rosemary Madeleines

These Cranberry Rosemary Madeleines are festive and elegant. But most importantly, they are packed with holiday flavours like spices, cranberries, orange, rosemary, and white chocolate. Irresistibly delicious!

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Pistachio Rose Madeleines

Pistachio Rose Madeleines

Pistachio Rose Madeleines are soft, tender, and moderately moist. Salted pistachios and white chocolate make these treats sweet and salty while the addition of rose petals adds a hint of botanical flavour.

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Dulce De Leche Madeleines

Craving for a caramel-flavoured dessert? Try these Dulce De Leche Madeleines – a twist on the French classic.

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Grapefruit Thyme Madeleines

These soft and spongy, refreshing, and delicious Grapefruit Thyme Madeleines are a great way to bid a farewell to winter!

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Lavender Honey Madeleines

These Lavender Honey Madeleines combine rich, buttery and airy texture, delicate honey flavour, and a hint of lavender. Perfect for your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

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